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2023 One Show - Cultural Driver

Bans Off Our Bodies

Agency Planned Parenthood Federation of America / Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Client Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood Action Fund


Popular Culture Impact

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About the Work

The Supreme Court stripped Americans of our federal right to abortion when it overturned Roe v. Wade in June — allowing states to ban abortion. Roughly 80% of Americans believe abortion should be legal — and few believed the basic right to control our own bodies was in jeopardy. Today, as a result of the court ruling, one in three women have lost access to abortion. We're outraged, but we won't stand by and we won't give up. Planned Parenthood recognized a rallying cry was needed to galvanize abortion rights supporters, coalition partners, corporate partners, and the arts and entertainment industry — to voice their opposition to abortion restrictions and build a platform to protect, and expand abortion access. That cry is “Bans Off Our Bodies.” Planned Parenthood's Bans Off Our Bodies campaign (Basta De Controlarnos in Spanish) has grown into an inclusive and movement-based manifesto. We provided the spark and then let Bans Off Our Bodies capture the zeitgeist of the moment. In response, the public adopted our language across the country — in the media, at events and rallies, in fashion, art and politics, and on t-shirts, protest signs, baked goods, and even nail art. Our campaign resonates with people, from activists to artists to business leaders, who have made it their own. From one-of-a-kind designer handbags, homemade t-shirts and signs, musicians on stage, in-app notifications, and more the phrase “Bans Off Our Bodies” is now synonymous with the fight for abortion rights. Bans Off Our Bodies has become more than a campaign, it’s an anthem to fight oppression, and a framework for a movement that many will use for years to come. The Bans Off Our Bodies hashtag has been used over 97,000 times on Instagram, largely in organic posts that support abortion access. The phrase shows up in cultural moments across industries during fashion weeks, award shows, corporate and industry conferences, music, art, and film festivals, political rallies, legislature sessions, fundraisers, news stories, talk shows, and direct actions and civic protests. Bans Off Our Bodies has become a cultural touchstone: igniting conversation and education about abortion, civic protests, accountability for lawmakers, and corporate leadership around abortion access. We have shifted opinion and fortified broad public opposition to abortion bans.


Late Night with Seth Meyers: Planned Parenthood's Alexis McGill Johnson Responds to the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Fashion Says: Bans Off Our Bodies Day of Action

Our Bodies, Our Futures, Our Abortions.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3



Client / Brand

Planned Parenthood Federation of America / Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Art Director

Annie Pearlman

Creative Director

Sarah Sandman


Adriana Morales

Associate Director, Corporate Engagement

Morgan Callahan
Shantelle Dockett

Associate Director, Creative Operations

Danielle Mulein

Bilingual Content Lead

Ana Maria Malaga

Director, Brand Strategy & Projects

Perry Meyers

Director, Corporate Engagement

Nadia Khamis

Director, Digital Campaigns

Christine Garcia

Director, Digital Content

Allison Rhone

Director, Digital Supporter Engagement & Innovation

Jacqueline Murphy

Director, Latino Media & Communications

Alejandra Soto

Director, Research & Insights

Gabrielle Stopper

Director, Web Content Strategy

Amy Bryant

Manager, Brand Projects

Katie McGee

Managing Director, Communications & Culture

Jaida Vaught

Multicultural Communications Booker

Catherine Gonzalez

National Director, Arts & Entertainment

Caren Spruch

Senior Campaign Strategist

Aletheia Henry

Senior Director, Advocacy Communications

Samuel Lau

Senior Director, Booking

Huma Imtiaz

Senior Director, Brand & Editorial Content Strategy

Ylonda Gault

Senior Director, Brand Marketing

Sandy Perez

Senior Director, Brand Strategy & Projects

Jetaun Woodly

Senior Director, Video Production

Theresa Darlington

Senior Vice President, Communications & Culture

Melanie Newman

Specialist, Arts & Entertainment Engagement

Adin Levy

Vice President, Brand & Culture Strategy

Lauren Garcimonde-Fisher

Vice President, Communications & Culture

Adrienne Verrilli

Vice President, Content Innovation

Jamila Galloway

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