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2023 One Show - Creative Effectiveness

The First Digital Nation

Agency The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song / Sydney + Collider / Sydney

Client The Government of Tuvalu


Multi-Region or Market / Non-Profit / Charity

Annual ID


About the Work

Tuvalu, a low-lying Pacific nation, is facing an impossible challenge. At the current rate of global sea level rise, the entire country will be submerged in decades. Tuvalu has been urging the world to act for years, but now, time has all but run out. As the ocean closes in, Tuvalu is forced to ask: What happens to a country without land? In his speech at COP27, Minister Simon Kofe announced a radical plan for survival: Tuvalu will become the world’s first digital nation. By recreating Tuvalu in the metaverse, piece-by-piece, the country can preserve its culture, history, and government services, long after its land disappears. But the digital nation is more than just an archive. International law currently dictates that a country needs a “defined physical territory” to exist, so Tuvalu risks becoming the first country to lose its sovereignty due to climate change. The digital nation is at the centre of the fight for a new definition of statehood under international law – a way to protect Tuvalu’s sovereignty and place on the world stage. The project’s launch reached 2.1 billion people and 173 major global publications, pressuring leaders into action. Days after the announcement, a historic loss and damage fund for nations like Tuvalu was established at COP27. And already, nine different nations have agreed to legally recognise Tuvalu’s digital statehood – making the project not just a tragic climate adaptation strategy, but a powerful provocation for global action. Tuvalu will become the world’s first digital nation – but without meaningful climate action, it won’t be the last.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song / Sydney

Production Company

Collider / Sydney

Chief Creative Officer

Tara Ford


Haydn Walker

Creative Director

Cameron Bell
Sam Dickson


Glenn Stewart

Executive Creative Director

Barbara Humphries

Executive Producer

Katrina Aquilia

Sound Designer

Simon Kane

Head of Production

Penny Brown

Senior Account Director

Nathan Mcgregor

Senior Art Director

Alex Polglase

Senior Copywriter

Jake Ausburn

3D Animation

Glenn Stewart

Account Coordinator

Sarah Nguyen
Sophie Thomason

Additional Vfx

Joseph Harper


Leliani Abels


Matt Fezz

Digital Design Lead

Eva Godeny

Digital Producer

Tamera Wohl


Karen Bryson

General Manager

Kezia Quinn

Group CEO & Co-Founder

Mark Green

Group Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

Scott Nowell

GTM & Strategy Director, Sustainability Studio

Lucy Sundberg

Head of Innovation

Beth O'Brien

Head of Planning

Hugh Munro

Managing director

Rachael Ford-Davies

React Developer

Jasmine The
Steve Deng

Senior Account Executive

Maddy Beck

Senior Account Manager

Anna Laskaris
Tess Mcdonald

Sound House Creative Director

Ryan Dickinson

Tech Lead

Surya Winata

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