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2023 One Show - Creative Effectiveness

The Mindsets Paper

Agency FCB / Toronto

Client Canadian Down Syndrome Society


Creative Effectiveness / Non-Profit / Charity

Annual ID


About the Work

The Study: The Mindsets Paper was facilitated by Dr. Dan Gordon, Paralympian, and Associate Professor in Cardiorespiratory Exercise Physiology at Anglia Ruskin University. Dr. Gordon is an expert in the assessment of endurance physiology and the impact of training and pathologies, with an interest in disability sport. Dr. Gordon co-ordinated all aspects of the research study. To begin, he created a fitness program that entailed 30 minutes of exercise, up to six days a week. Depending on their role in the study, participants needed to perform physical exercises from home, like light stationary biking or light jogging. The only requirement was that participants were able to walk, with the exercise component being modified to accommodate different levels of fitness. Applicants were asked to complete a pre-exercise medical form as part of the screening process. We then worked with Dr. Henry Mahncke and this team of neurological scientists at BrainHQ to select the appropriate mind games for the Down syndrome community. Consulting with Dr. Gordon and his research team, they evaluated all 29 BrainHQ games across a number of criteria. Firstly, games were selected based on the overall difficulty of the instruction videos provided by BrainHQ. Following a pilot test, we created three lists, categorized based on the specific needs of the participants (hearing impaired, visually impaired, and general). 19 games were then selected for the study and ranked based on level of entertainment and ease of access. The overall difficulty of each game was linked to the participants’ category and impairment suitability. The research participants were divided into four groups. · Control group: continue with life as usual · Exercise group: 30 minutes of walking/jogging 3 times a week for 8 weeks. · Cognitive group: 20 minutes of brain training with BrainHQ 6 times a week for 8 weeks. · Test group: Follow both the physical and cognitive exercises listed above. We then custom-built the Mindsets app to track the cognitive data from the participants’ BrainHQ exercises and their exercise data from Fitbit. By joining the back end of the two apps, Dr. Gordon’s team at ARU could pull the anonymized data from

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



FCB / Toronto

Art Director

Jerry Yang


Jon Dawe


Mark Domitric


Jon Garofalo

Executive Creative Director

Andrew MacPhee

Music Supervisor

Rich Hamilton

Account Supervisor

Ilaria Ragno

Associate Creative Director

Marty Hoefkes
Michael Morelli


Brian Bernard

Project Manager

Cori Pettit

App Design

Joni Allert
Thomas Colliers

Audio Producer

Kelly McCluskey

Board Member

Ben Tarr

Camera Operator/Photographer

Chet Tilokani


Dr. Henry Mahncke


Ed Casagrande

Chief strategy Officer

Shelley Brown


Jeff Zimman

Director of Strategy

Eryn LeMesurier

Director/DOP/Camera Operator

Scott Drucker

Group Account Director

Blake Connolly

Interim Executive Director

Laura LaChance

Marketing & Communications Manager

Kristen Halpen


Shannon Stephaniuk

Production Artist

Dominic Pimpare
Douglas Hayter


Jayne Heaton

Research Assistant

Vivan Merzbach

Research Chair, Associate Professor

Dan Gordan


Mouna Attarha


Adriana Laborde

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