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2023 One Show - Creative Effectiveness

Lunchabuild This

Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Client Lunchables


Creative Effectiveness / Consumer / Brand

Annual ID


About the Work

For over 30 years Lunchables has let kids build their lunch, their way. But in 2022 we inspired them to build not just lunch but anything in the world. We designed over 25 different food builds, showing kids they could make anything—from dinosaurs to bulldozers to SpongeBob SquarePants—using just our product. But we didn’t stop there. We rebuilt our entire e-commerce site and, for the first time in the brand’s history, sold Lunchables not by flavor, but by the build. You could order a cat. Or a bulldozer. And get the packs and blueprints needed to build them yourself. Then to inspire kids to build the world around them, we brought our Lunchabuilds to the world. Media and creative worked hand in hand to create a contextual 360-degree campaign, showing up where we knew that kids would see them. We took over public transit with giant bus wraps to make buses look like they were made out of Lunchables. Then we partnered with the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago and put an 18-foot-high “Lunchabear” next to the real bears. At the MLB at Field of Dreams baseball game, kids could run around a huge Lunchables baseball diamond. And at Marvel’s Ant-Man red-carpet premiere, fans could ride a massive Lunchables ant. Every ad was contextual—bike racks featured “Lunchabikes,” sidewalk ads featured “Lunchascooters” and we even turned “Philosoraptor” memes on Reddit into Lunchables dinosaurs. But this wasn’t just advertising. Every ad could be scanned to order that build instantly from our site, giving you the packs and blueprints needed to build it yourself. This made for a seamless brand experience: See a Lunchables bear. Order that bear. Eat that bear.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Goodby Silverstein & Partners

PR / Marketing Agency

Zeno Group

Production Company

Invisible Ink


Chris Gardner

Chief Creative Officer

Margaret Johnson

Creative Director

Daniel Righi
Kurt Mills


Johann Vernizzi

Executive Producer

Mia Kellogg
Tena Goy


Quinn Gravier

Account Director

Callen Gustafson

Account Executive

Kamara Turner

Account Supervisor

Bethany Stokoski

Associate Director

Maddie Franke

Business Affairs Manager

Yelena Kompaneyets

Design Director

Tana Cieciora


Sam Nordemann

Account Manager

Carmen Guan

Animation Director

Mike Kellogg

Assistant Account Executive

Taylor Newman

Assistant Account Manager

Adrianne Medina

Associate Director, Brand Communications

Samantha Mills

Brand Manager, Brand Communications

Erin Fitzgerald


Harlan Silverstein


Jeff Goodby

Communication Strategy Director

Drew Forrest

Deputy Director of Brand Strategy

Kelly Evans-Pfeifer

Director of Business Affairs

Judy Ybarra

Director of Graphic Services

Jim King

Director of production

Jim Haight

Food stylist

Randy Mon

Global & US CEO

Michael Epstein

Group Account Director

Becca Morris

Head of Integrated Communications

Missy Maher

Manager, U.S. PR & Media Relation

Kate Kitchell

Managing Partner

Brian McPherson

Media agency


Model Maker

Kerry Coutu

Partner, Head of Brand Strategy

Bonnie Wan

Partner, Head of Communication Strategy

Christine Chen

Photographer Assistant

Emilio Diaz

Prepress House


Production Assistant

Sam Raney

Senior Account Executive

Jess Tamburo

Senior Associate

Diana DeLeon


Alex Healy
Alisa Latvala

Senior Vice President

Jamie Dammrich

Small Builds for Events

Prop N Spoon

Sr. Designer

Pedro Zuccolini
Todd King


Jennie Hubbard

SVP Director

Britta Peterson

VP of North America Marketing & Head of The Kitchen

Jessica Vultaggio

VP of North America, Brand Communications

Nina Patel

VP, Director

Alyssa Kelly

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