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2023 One Show - Creative Effectiveness

Inheritance Pass

Agency Havas / Chicago + Yellowstone Forever

Client Yellowstone Forever


Single Region or Market / Non-Profit / Charity

Annual ID


About the Work

Yellowstone is full of inspiring wonders and life-changing experiences that motivate nature lovers to get involved and support the park. But with record attendance leading to unprecedented wear and tear on the park’s infrastructure, wildlife and its entire ecosystem, solutions that involved experiencing Yellowstone firsthand would further contribute to the problem. So how do you get potential donors to lean in while also keeping them out? The problem was a unique one, and it needed a unique solution. Yellowstone found a way to solve it by creating The Inheritance Pass, a ticket to Yellowstone that isn’t valid until the year 2172. It’s a way to raise money right now without raising attendance. And it comes in the form of an heirloom that people can leave as an actual inheritance for future family members. Why 2172? Because that’s 150 years from now, so it was a nod to the 150th Anniversary that Yellowstone is celebrating in 2022.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Havas / Chicago

Client / Brand

Yellowstone Forever


Kevin Heller

Chief Marketing Officer

Wendie Carr


Greg Gordon

Creative Director

Dushan Drakalski


Josh Bodnar

Group Creative Director

Jimmy Dietzen
Josh Mizrachi


Mark McGinnis

Account Director

Ricky Brandt

Associate Creative Director

Luiz Faria
Maicon Silveira

Design Director

Hayley Jungmann

Project Manager

Harley Griffiths

Strategy Director

Laura Greene

Awards Manager

Valentine Roche

Director of Online Engagement

Erin Fitzgerald

Group Program Director

Daryth Hammond

Group Strategy Director

Michelle Gerstin

Head Of Design

Veronica Padilla

Head Of Production

Vincent Geraghty

Junior Art Director

Beth Jackson

Junior Copywriter

Mary Adam

Managing director

Amy Merchant


Tara Reid

President & CEO

Lisa Diekmann

President & Chief Creative Officer

Myra Nussbaum

Print producer

Susan Green

Senior Account Executive

Kelly Tick
Kiera Johnston

VP, Division Manager

Alison Bruder

VP, Group Client Lead

Michelle Kim

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