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2023 One Show - Design


Agency Forsman & Bodenfors / Singapore + Fuse / Singapore + The Diigitals / Dorset + Harpi Sim / Singapore

Client Down Syndrome International


Digital Design

Annual ID


About the Work

Virtual influencers are fast dominating the face of the digital world. With pixel-perfect faces and bodies, sadly much of what society considers to be “flaws” are removed. Of the 200+ virtual influencers on Instagram in early 2022, not a single one represented the disability community. So, we set out to prove that diversity is possible in the virtual world, partnering with Down Syndrome International to change the digital landscape to make it more inclusive for the next generation. The solution was Kami - the world's first virtual influencer with Down Syndrome. Kami was created to represent the Down Syndrome community in the virtual world and reflect the typical characteristics and behaviours of young women with the condition. It was important that Kami was authentic to the group of people she represents, so every part of her design and story was co-created by a group of 100 young women with Down Syndrome from 16 different countries. Machine learning combined their faces to create Kami's, Kami’s body was made accurate to a real woman's proportions, her voice and captions are written from real women's quotes. As a virtual influencer, Kami was able to be a voice for not just one woman, but many women. Since the majority of women in Kami’s collective feel unsafe using social platforms on their own as they are often targeted with cyber bullying, abuse and scams, Kami is a tool for them to interact safely in the online space as her account is monitored and any hurtful comments are removed. Since Kami's birth, she has appeared in virtual fashion shows, podcasts, created a pocket-metaverse, and launched a line of 3D wearables designed by people with Down Syndrome. Kami is the case study for Meta’s “Ethics of Virtual Influencers” guidebook, and created over $20k in paid work for real young women with Down Syndrome. Kami is the start of a new era of digital diversity, and continues her mission to make the virtual world more inclusive.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9



Forsman & Bodenfors / Singapore

Production Company

The Diigitals / Dorset
Harpi Sim / Singapore

Music / Sound Production Company

Fuse / Singapore


Moses Wu


Jason Feng

Executive Producer

Ali Loveday-Herzinger


Amanda Zhang

Account Director

Jade Cheng

Director of PR Strategy & Communications

Deborah Abraham

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