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2023 One Show - Design

Nanjing Red Mountain Zoological Forest Park

Agency T-Change Design Studio / Nanjing + Red Mountain Ecocreation / Nanjing

Client Nanjing Red Mountain Zoological Forest Park


Brand Identity / Logo

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Nanjing Red Mountain Zoological Forest Park was established in 1998 and is in the downtown area of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It is considered by many to be the warmest zoo in China. Red Mountain Zoological Forest Park not only took the lead in canceling the animal performances, but focused on animal welfare and venue enrichment; at the same time, in terms of the concept of park space creation, it adhered to the principle of eco-friendliness, carried out urban forest restoration through artificial intervention, and provided shelters for wild animals.
With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many zoos around the world were on the verge of closure, and some urban zoos have euthanized animals to cope with the economic crisis. However, the Red Mountain Zoological Forest Park still chose to persevere despite the difficulties and independently launched a live broadcast, telling a warm story of the trust between the zoo and the breeders, which brought healing and hope to people during the epidemic and affected the common interests and involvements of all sectors of society. As of 2022, the story of Red Mountain Zoological Forest Park has been disseminated by the media to a total of 640 million views and supported by more than 200 local companies.
The brand logo ingeniously combines with the initial letter M of the Chinese character “山 (Mountain)” and the English word Mountain, mixing the Chinese and Western elements together. The logo uses red as the main color to express the meaning of “Red Mountain,” which is easy to understand, memorable, and conducive to media dissemination. Various animal shapes are designed based on the logo shape to express the relationship between animals in the mountains and the harmonious symbiosis between animals and nature, and continuously strengthen the brand visual symbols.

2023 Awards

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Red Mountain Ecocreation / Nanjing

Design Firm

T-Change Design Studio / Nanjing

Art Director

Yanrong Pan


Nan Jia

Sound Designer

Tao Hang

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