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2023 One Show - Design

Quality through generations

Agency ANTI / Hamar + Nesje / Molde

Client Nesje


Brand Identity / System

Annual ID


About the Work

Nesje Furniture Company was founded in 1935 by Nils and Oddmund Nesje, two brothers who began crafting quality furniture at their home farm. Over the years, the family-run business has expanded, but its expertise, techniques, and craftsmanship have been passed down through generations and remain a cornerstone of the company today. Nesje's new logo and identity is based on craftmanship, and the art of joining pieces of wood into a beautiful and solid furniture. The dovetail joint, a traditional joint that is still used in woodworking today, has become a symbol of solid, traditional, and high-quality craftsmanship. Crafting a dovetail joint takes precision, care, and time, but it makes one of the strongest joints possible. By incorporating the dovetail joint into Nesje's new identity, we are joining the knowledge, history, and quality craftsmanship that the company has been delivering for generations, into their new identity. The dovetail joint was implemented in selected letters of their typography (based on Sharp Grotesk 18), making a strong and recognisable visual expression in written language. The colour palette is based on the different types of wood used in furniture production – all the way from the darkest “Mahogny", to the lightest “Pine”. Other types of joints are used as graphic elements to join imagery, information and even other formats together. Their grid system of 19x35 modules is a reference to when the company, and measuring-lines from technical drawings is used to define captions, measurements and even scrolling-bars. All these visuals are joint together in a strong visual univers, communicating the decades long experience and expertise through a simple and easy to understand visual identity, connecting Nesje directly to the craft of woodworking.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3



Design Firm

ANTI / Hamar

Client / Brand

Nesje / Molde


Magnus Vanem

Chief Creative Officer

Kjetil Wold

Account Manager

Ellen Østmoen


Ragnhild Nesje

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