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2023 One Show - Design

NRK Visual identity

Agency ANTI / Oslo + NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation) / Oslo + Typotheque Type Foundry / Amsterdam

Client NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation)


Brand Identity / System

Annual ID


About the Work

NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation, is a state owned public broadcaster. It’s mandate is to fulfill democratic, social and cultural purposes; to safeguard freedom of speech, strengthen public dialogue, nurture Norwegian and Samì languages and culture, and reach out to all of Norway. The project was initiated to serve NRK’s strategic goals, to be “Found, chosen (preferred?) and loved”. The task was to vitalize the identity and equip NRK with effective tools and systems for communicating, publishing and being identified in a complex media landscape. NRK’s challenge is to stand out and stay relevant despite the fundamental changes due to the digital paradigm: globalization, new competition, emergence of social media, transition from linear publishing to streaming, and the audiences’ new preferences for consummation of content and information. The solutions presented is facets of a concept that will be in continuous evolution. All channels, platforms and products in NRK’s vast portfolio will eventually be redesigned according to the principles from this concept. Close integration and a common design philosophy, “Distinct, lively and empathetic”, gave direction and consistency to the joint effort of Anti and NRK’s own design resources. The concept, “Meeting point activates”, refers to the interaction between NRK and its audience. It is the overall premise on which the design is based. Every identity marker is challenged; form, colour, typography, motion, audio and composition. Everything, except the iconic logo drawn in 1979. Its simple, yet expressive form is as relevant today as it was, it is also the best-known logo in Norway. With the logo as a starting point, we set out to design new visual tools: brand system; colour program; a variable typeface (with Typotheque); a static, animated and generative pattern; grids for digital and physical applications; motion system. The tools are made to serve all design purposes, they are generic and flexible, and ready to take on tasks we don’t know yet.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Typotheque Type Foundry / Amsterdam

Design Firm

ANTI / Oslo

Client / Brand

NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation) / Oslo


Renate Rognan


Behnam Farazollahi


Stian Veum Møllersen
Skjalg Schrødter Teig
Ole Christer Asakainen Selvig
Vidar Kvien

Project Manager

Benedicte Bølling
Jennie Andersson
Tine Moe Løvberg
Janicke Sæther

Senior Designer

Marianne Aas Engebakken

Brand manager

Cecilie Lyng

Chief Strategist

Åsmund Matzow
Hilde Jørgenvaag

Design developer

Marve Svenningsen

Design, Motion & Developement

Heydays+NRK TV

Digital Designer

Stefan Ogden
Ingrid Reime

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