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2023 One Show - Design


Agency COLLINS / New York City

Client Freeform


Brand Identity / System

Annual ID


About the Work

CHALLENGE Help a new generation viewers discover a new generation of storytellers STORY Streaming content is saturated with endless, algorithm-driven choices. As a result, TV networks stick to known formulas to win over the code. Few take risks on emerging talent or original series. But Freeform, a division of Disney, makes its name by backing young adult stories that buck tropes and curb conventions. They give narratives that are usually on the periphery a platform. Last year, Freeform completed their streaming-first transition–transforming their programming in the process and challenging even more industry conventions. Their purpose, story and brand voice needed to transform, too. We worked with Freeform to reposition them from channel to creator. From “on Freeform” to “Made by Freeform.” Together, we reevaluated their viewers as not an age-group, but a stage. Not an audience, but a community. Freeform viewers aren’t coming-of-age, but in a constant state of becoming—and want shows that help them expand their world, not escape from it. This gave Freeform a new core promise: To push new perspectives. With it, they could articulate what made Freeform different—deep stories told from emerging perspectives that help people shape their place in the world. Like any great story—Freeform twists and turns. Always in a state of becoming, like their audience. With limitless capacity to reinvent itself through color, shape and movement. When Freeform speaks, it’s through an iconic typeface that never resolves and is always being turned on its head. Taking the original cut of Helvetica, Neue Haas Grotesk (designed in 1957-1961 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman), we transformed it with Monotype. Giving Freeform a voice that invites you to look again and again. Freeform is now a beacon for the creative adventurousness of the voices that make it up. And the new audience that streams it.


Freeform Case Video

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3



Design Firm

COLLINS / New York City

Creative Director

Louis Mikolay


Yeun Kim

Motion Designer

Darius Wang
Eric Park


Meg Farmer

Design Director

Dante Carlos
Frank Lionetti

Senior Copywriter

Madeleine Carrucan

Senior Designer

Emily Sneddon

Strategy Director

Dash Alison

Chief strategy Officer

Taamrat Amaize

General Manager, SF

Michael Di Leo

Motion Design Director

Tomas Markevicius

Program Director

Kelly Kraft

Strategic Initiatives Manager

Alex Athanasiou

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