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2023 One Show - Design

The New Swiss Passport

Agency Federal Office of Police (fedpol) / Bern + RETINAA / Geneva

Client Federal Office of Police of Switzerland


Editorial / Books

Annual ID


About the Work

Since 1959, the Swiss passport, with its characteristic red cover, is considered as one of the most unique and secure travel documents. The 2003 series had been travelling around the world for nearly 15 years when the Federal Office for Police commissioned a concept and design for Switzerland’s next-generation passports. After 5 years of development, the new passport series was introduced late 2022. The Swiss passport is often recognized as more than a formal administrative document. It’s the expression of Helvetic identity and culture, and a brand ambassador for Switzerland abroad. It's a manifestation of Swissness and a showcase of its technological know-how, such as watchmaking and security printing. The new design needed to explore these aspects to create a document the holder could identify with and be proud of, at home and abroad. The starting point for the concept was the Swiss territory itself. The country's landscape is not only defined by its majestic mountains, but also by the essential role water plays in shaping it. More than 1,500 lakes, miles of rivers and thousands of natural springs criss-cross the country, making up 6% of Europeʼs total drinking water volume. Switzerlandʼs water reserves are also used to produce climate friendly electricity, which accounts for 56% of overall electricity production. That is why Switzerland is referred to as “Europeʼs water reservoir”. On a symbolic level, water represents life and motion. Its fluidity evokes interaction and exchange. The new passport depicts an imaginary journey along watercourses, from the Alpine peaks down to the valleys, through the country's 26 cantons, and to the world beyond. This journey starts on the first page of the document, which features the Pizzo Rotondo, a summit in the Saint-Gotthard Massif at the crossroads of linguistic regions. Drawing on cartographic tradition yet modern in its use of 3D modeled landscapes, the new passport embodies the great natural landscapes of Switzerland. Under ultraviolet light, contour lines reveal the topography of each landscape, enhanced with architectural landmarks showcasing the country’s rich cultural heritage and history.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




RETINAA / Geneva

Client / Brand

Federal Office of Police (fedpol) / Bern


Chloé Pannatier


Robin Bucher

General Contractor

Thales DIS Schweiz AG / Aarau


Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing / Zürich

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