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2023 One Show - Design

Freedom Grams


Client AROYA


Typography / Dynamic / In Motion

Annual ID


About the Work

While most people in the U.S. enjoy the benefits of cannabis legalization, 40,000 are still in prison for it, forgotten by the public. How can we get those who enjoy cannabis freely to fight for those who lost their freedom for it? Freedom Grams is a cannabis brand where each pack contains the exact amount of cannabis that got someone into prison. But now it can help get them out. All proceeds fund legal action, enabling consumers to use their freedom to free others. The design system is based on prison bars from which generative typography breaks free, symbolizing the project’s theme of liberation. The custom type has two fonts: extended and condensed. Each character was constructed from two perspectives — from inside the grid and outside to show the contradiction between the treatment of consumers and cannabis prisoners. The brand monogram represents the unusual amounts (in grams) of cannabis, precise up to one decimal point. The matchbook is relief printed and attached to each package, reminding consumers that they can ignite change. The label generator tool allows even non-designers to generate the custom type and create Freedom Grams labels easily. From the packaging, the stories unfold through AR and on a website, with all cases and ways to act: like signing petitions, contacting senators, and joining local groups. The editorial section guides the user through the topics surrounding cannabis in the U.S., with data and evocative photography. Anyone can submit more cases to feature, and anyone from the cannabis industry can use the labels on their products to join the initiative. After the launch on 4/20 2022, the first batch sold out right away. Since then, Freedom Grams has already gained considerable public support, 650 million impressions, and several new partners. Along with founding partners AROYA and GABY Inc., the initiative is supported by Dewey Cannabis Co. and Ball Family Farms. In October 2023, President Biden announced the release of all federal cannabis prisoners. While this doesn’t apply to prisoners under the jurisdiction of individual states, this is a big step in the right direction. Freedom Grams continues to raise funds for Last Prisoner Project dedicated to cannabis justice reform.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3





Design Firm

kimera / Munich
Moby Digg / Munich

PR / Marketing Agency

DiGennaro Communications / New York

Production Company

OFF Films / Munich

Music / Sound Production Company

86Tales UG / Berlin

Chief Creative Officer

Alex Schill

Creative Director

Marco Kawan
Naho Manabe

Director of Photography

Lucas Bergmüller

Executive Creative Director

Franz Röppischer
Lorenz Langgartner

Motion Designer

Federico Leggio


Ewelina Bialoszewska

Social Media Manager

Sophie Juch

Account Director

J.p. Escobar

Camera Operator

Felix Tonnat


Saurabh Kakade

Director of Marketing

Ross Dallaire

Set Designer

Marius Visean

Assistant Photography

Lisa Früchtl


MassiveVoices / Berlin


Maximilian Heitsch

CGI Artist

Fabio Ziplies

Creative Code, Web Development

Daniel Kuhnlein

Creative Director Video / Director & Motion Designer

Dennis Fritz

Creative Intern

Anastasiia Cherniavska
Camille Nizet
Changkyu Ku
John Gergen
Lisa Düspohl
Lorenzo Colnaghi
Mirjam Olga Strzata
Reinier Wortman
Sanjeeta Saha
Silvia Raquel Vega Bellido
Tanvi Phalak
Yago Guimaraes

Creative Intern/Art Director

Yamen Ibrahim

Creative Producer

Alaa El Rayess
Hussein El Rayess
Imad El Rayess
Kevin Riedl

Director of Production Operations

William Kanistras


Tom Kubik

Head of Content

John Gorman

Head of Corporate Communications Serviceplan Agencies

Birgit Koch

Head of Sustainability Management

Julia Nicolaisen

International Communications Officer

Lee Sharrock

Managing Partner

Gordian Gleiß

Prop stylist

Justyna Dembowski


Emma Stammen


Gaby Inc / Calgary

Senior Communications Manager

Charlie Rohlfs

Sound mixer

Reuben Colazo

Vice President of Marketing

Christian Hertel

Web Development

STD.DEV / Munich


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