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2023 One Show - Design

A British Original

Agency Uncommon Creative Studio / London + MG OMD / London

Client British Airways


Out of Home / Series

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About the Work

The lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and an impending cost-of-living crisis had created unprecedented variances in consumer demand for travel that had, at times, seen BA's operating schedule reduce by 66%. To ensure BA captured demand as it arose and was protected when it declined, we needed to keep BA front-of-mind in the eyes of consumers for whatever kind of trip they might be taking. But too often, BA was front-of-mind for all the wrong reasons. Operational challenges had undermined the trust that travellers had traditionally placed in BA. Legacy associations with a legacy view of Britain had undermined Brand Preference. And corresponding covid reductions in service had undermined BA's credentials as a premium operator. We needed to reinvigorate BA with a positioning that could win back trust and drive brand preference. British Airways needed to channel the spirit of the nation with which it is indelibly associated. Global research uncovered a particular quality that was frequently attributed to Britain. It was a quality encapsulating a heritage of invention, experimentation and even idiosyncrasy; "originality". Britain was renowned for its originality, and in its history, customer experience and service style - so was British Airways. Consequently, the new brand positioning, 'A British Original', celebrates British Airways' people, its customers and the nation. To launch the new positioning, we first explored the individual and original reasons people travel, whether to reconnect with loved ones, take some time out, or immerse themselves in a different culture. These questions were answered throughout 500 print, digital and outdoor executions and via 32 short films. The 500 outdoor executions continued to adapt according to their location, the time of day and the weather. The copy additionally relates directly to the medium with playful bus wraps and press ads adopting a battenburg approach with adjacent placements that have interacting reasons for why we travel. While the 32 different short-films further emphasise the reasons we travel, from the cheeky suggestion of 'French Boys' to emotional reasoning behind travel such as 'Home.' Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, but always celebrating originality in all its incredibly personal guises, showing that British Airways recognises each of its customers as individuals.

2023 Awards

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Uncommon Creative Studio / London

Media Distribution Company

MG OMD / London

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