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2023 One Show - Design

Tokyo Vice - Opening Title Sequence

Agency yU+co / Los Angeles

Client HBO Max


Moving Image / Single

Annual ID


About the Work

Tokyo Vice follows the story of an American journalist who dives deep into the dangerous Tokyo underground, navigating the interconnected web between organized crime, law enforcement and the press. Our title sequence opens close up on a Yakuza tattoo seeded with iconography representing key elements from the show. As we move across, the symbols come to life, guiding our journey until we take a literal plunge into a stylized neon-lit Tokyo. We pass by money and other symbols of power and influence as we fall further and further from the upper floors of the sleek and professional down to the dark and seedy underbelly of the city. Finally as the camera plummets toward the rain soaked ground, we crash through a puddle and continue through, as if there is no end to the descent. Our mirrored descent into darkness is overtaken by an animated Yakuza dragon which transitions us back to the iconic tattoo for the main title.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3



Design Firm

yU+co / Los Angeles

Art Director

James Robertson


Masanobu Hiraoka

Creative Director

Garson Yu


Adrian Yu

Executive Producer

Carol Wong


Lydia Kim
Mari Carlson

3D Artist

Carlos Pacheco
Damian Stricker
Jeffrey Dietrich

Associate Producer

Johnny Ellsworth

Technical Director

Gregory Jones

I/O Coordinator

Latoria Ortiz


Rick Spitznass

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