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2023 One Show - Design

The Hornicultural Society

Agency Ogilvy UK / London

Client Relate


Craft / Art Direction

Annual ID


About the Work

One of Relate’s key aims is to help their 65+ market have healthier relationships, but with the biggest rise in STI’s among the over 65s, clearly this isn’t healthy. So, how do you make this hard to convince age group think about safe sex? Especially when they were taught that condoms were only for stopping unwanted pregnancies, not unwanted diseases. By educating them on their No1 past time (sex) with cues from their No2 pastime (gardening). We gave an outdated generation an updated sex education by creating limited edition condoms for the over 65's in the guise of seed packets, distributing them through garden centres and online. These beautifully illustrated botanical designs in the style of something classy from The Royal Horticultural Society, on closer inspection are suggestive of sexual organs. Tasteful rather than puerile nods to a clitoris, penis, breasts or testis. This subtle visual wit fit with the tone of voice of the campaign. Our illustrations were then applied to our seed packets, to make them look as authentic as possible, with painstaking attention given to every tiny detail, including the texture and design of the packaging to make them look like any other seed packet you’d find in a garden centre, only ours also included a condom. Anyone who sees the seed packets won’t look at an onion or aubergine in the same way again. The condoms were also natural and biodegradable meaning they could be popped in the compost when you're done to keep the garden growing.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Ogilvy UK / London

Chief Creative Officer

Andre Laurentino

Creative Director

Andy Forrest
Nicola Wood


Marta Zafra

Account Director

Erica Wood
Erica Cohen
Jennie Halliday

Art Buying

Jodi Woodhouse-Ward
Ross Walker

Chief Executive Creative Director

Jules Chalkley

Clear Channel Project Lead

Jason Jarvis

Executive Creative Director of Design

Luke Ridgway

Head of Offline Production

Justin Cairns

Managing Partner

Katharine Easteal

Senior Creative Editor

Sara McAlpine


Heather Hart
Sue Streatfield

Senior TV Producer

Kim Parrett

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