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2023 One Show - Design

Solar Beehive

Agency INNOCEAN / Seoul + Hanwha / Seoul + PLANIT PRODUCTION / Seoul

Client Hanwha


Innovation & Transformation / Innovation in Design

Annual ID


About the Work

[BACKGROUND] Globally, honeybees are on brink of extinction. Especially in Korea, about 7.8 billion honeybees disappeared last year alone. The biggest cause is the climate crisis. Honeybees, which are sensitive to temperature change, were not able to adapt to drastically changing climates. More importantly, the standard beehive that has barely changed over the 5000-year history of beekeeping history was not able to protect the honeybees from drastically changing climate. We thought: if the climate has changed, the beehives must evolve as well. Thus, we redesigned the previous beehive completely with the world’s most bee-friendly beehive, the optimized beehive best fit to protect the honeybees from the climate crisis. [IDEA] There were numerous efforts to save the bees in the past. However, most attempts were to increase the number of hives or to plant more flowers to increase the bees’ food. We wanted to find a more fundamental solution. Considering the climate crisis as the biggest cause of the honeybee extinction, we created the Solar Beehive, a smart honeycomb that protects temperature-sensitive bees from the abnormal climate. Of course, smart beehives existed before, but most were for beekeepers to simplify the extraction of honey. The Solar Beehive is specialized in ‘bee-friendly design’. From the entrance size, depth of feed container, temperature and humidity controller location, and exterior design, everything was designed to be ‘bee-friendly’ so that the honeybees can thrive in optimal environments. The Solar Beehive is also ‘zero-carbon’. To emit no carbon, the electricity required to power the Solar Beehive is supplied through solar panels installed on the exterior roof.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3





Client / Brand

Hanwha / Seoul

Production Company

Planit Production / Seoul

Art Director

Eun-Ha Oh

Chief Creative Officer

Jung-a Kim

Creative Director

Nari Moon

Creative Technologist

Hye-dong Roh


Dong-Hwa Shin

Director of Photography

Gi-Won Hyun

Executive Producer

In-Kyu Hwang

Account Director

Seon-Jeong Min

Account Executive

Bitnawa Yu
Chang-Gi Han
Hee-Yeon Kim

2D Supervisor

Ha-Na Choi

3D Supervisor

Young-Jin Jeon

Art Supervisor

Il-Mak Yoo

assistant director

Hee-Jae Lee

Chief Account Director

Chul Yum

Client Chief Director

Jee-Young Park

Client director

Ka-Jeong Shin

Creative Planner

Jina Shin

EDIT Supervisor

Sun-Young Kim


Dong-Hwan Kim

Media Director

Seong-Hoon Kim

Media Planner

Jong-Won Park

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