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2023 One Show - Direct Marketing

The Fresh System

Agency Ogilvy / Bogotá + Carulla / Medellín

Client Carulla


Experiential / Customer Experience / CX

Annual ID


About the Work

With 931 million tons of food being wasted worldwide each year, Carulla, a premium supermarket, branded with the promise of freshness, wanted to find a way to help. We discovered a gas called ethylene, which is in all fruits and vegetables and causes them to ripen or spoil quickly if not stored properly. With Fresh System we seek to reduce food waste, by categorizing fruits and vegetables according to their ethylene emissions and creating associations to tell customers how to pair them to speed up or slow down the ripening process at home.

The strength of the idea was to find easy and applicable ways to educate customers about The Fresh System Carulla, and change their behavior regarding the storage of fruits and veggies. To do so, we created a complete brand experience:
• We started by changing the way we store fruits and vegetables in our Supermarket.
• We changed the way we display images in our e-Commerce.
• We even changed the way products were delivered to homes.

By implementing the system to our store experience, we show customers first-hand how to replicate it by themselves at home.

We developed a visual system to show customers easily how to store vegetables and fruits at home depending on whether they need to ripen faster or slower. To do this, we tested all the products we sold, and created a unique system that categorized each product's ethylene emissions and ideal temperatures to find the perfect way to store them. If our customers wanted the most delicious guacamole, they would have to leave their avocados near fruit or vegetable with similar ethylene emissions, say an apple, so that they would ripen wonderfully.

We developed an integral campaign to educate our customers about how to storage fruits and veggies at home. We did it first by changing the order of our fruits and vegetables section in the supermarket. In addition, we created content to show all kinds of combinations to show people how they must organize their apples, pears, grapes, lettuces, spinach, and all the system at home, depending on the ethylene level that each emits.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



Ogilvy / Bogotá

Client / Brand

Carulla / Medellín


Diego Caceres

Director of Photography

Nano Moreno
Andrés Guzmán

Executive Creative Director

Daniel Ávila
Julio Herazo

Executive Producer

Gala Vence
Sebastian Pita


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