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2023 One Show - Direct Marketing

Real Street Style

Agency GUT / Buenos Aires

Client Mercado Libre


Craft / Data-Driven Personalization

Annual ID


About the Work

The brief was to position Mercado Libre as a fashion destination for people in Latin America. We had to connect with Gen Z and get them to consider our platform when they wanted to buy sports clothing items. We found out that street style was a relevant topic for Gen Z that also had a lot to do with sports, because they don’t only use sports items to practice sports, they also wear them as fashionable items. So we looked for something very ownable that we could say about it and we came up with the idea to dive into our data and find out what the most sold items were, street by street. To create our real street style collection, we went through the 3 million purchases Mercado Libre receives every day across the region for over a month. 0.5 of that volume responded to the fashion category. So first we narrowed it down to sports items and then to the most sold ones, to get to the 47.785 most sold sports items. Finally, we looked for the addresses of the deliveries and made groups of items from the same countries, cities and streets. With the help of a wardrobe assistant, we combined the outfits and generated the 5000 final looks that impacted each of our customers that lived on every specific street. Always with a CTA that invited them to buy the full look on our e-commerce platform. Since we had very specific data, we could impact people with looks that already had a piece of clothing they had probably bought during the last couple of months. So we achieved 2 goals at the same time: the first one was to make a fashion collection to which they could relate, because in a way, they had contributed. The second one was to give them ideas on how to combine the clothes they already had to create new looks, and get them to go to our platform and buy.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 21



GUT / Buenos Aires

Client / Brand

Mercado Libre / BUENOS AIRES

Production Company


Music / Sound Production Company

Animal Music / BUENOS AIRES

Art Director

Alvaro Salazar Chacon


Ticiana Mancini

Chief Creative Officer

Ignacio Ferioli
Joaquin Cubria

Chief Digital Officer

Agostina Martino

Chief Technology Officer

Christian Pierre

Executive Creative Director

Matias Lafalla
ramiro rodriguez gamallo


Julia Lagos

Account Director

María Zicari

Account Supervisor

Bernardita Musa

Client Representative

Bernadette Mac Dermott
Louise Mckerrow
Thais Correa Da Costa De Souza Nicolau

Creative Manager

Paula Akel


Javier Quintero


Anselmo Ramos
Gastón Bigio

Head Of Design

Rosario Muñoz Lopez

Head Of Production

Florencia Albizzati

Managing director

Agustina Garavilla

Regional Account Director

Natalia Noya

Social Strategist Lead

Ignacio Rocca


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