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2023 One Show - Direct Marketing

The Call of Adventure

Agency Publicis Middle East / Dubai

Client Jeep


Craft / Art Direction

Annual ID


About the Work

For the first time, we created a new design language so unique that no other brand could copy it or speak so directly to our audience, strengthening the bond between brand and consumer and sparking the beginnings of an unexpected adventure. Cultural Context: The Middle East Jeep Community is among the strongest Jeep communities in the world. They live and breathe our brand values of adventure and discovery. They are outdoor explorers who choose the road less traveled. So we captured their attention anytime they weren’t outside having an adventure, but rather were stuck indoors. We wanted to entice each one of them to pack a Jeep and go. Insight: The Jeep grille has always been an icon that served as an invitation for adventure. But what if it could actually speak? Interestingly, the Jeep grille logo consists of dots and lines, much like another communication system: Morse Code - the language of adventure, which is used to connect with civilization from far-flung destinations: the kind of destinations where only a Jeep can take you. So we used it to develop the call of adventure, a campaign only true explorers would respond to. Idea: A campaign without a traditional CTA, because for an audience that values an adventure, the strongest CTA is no CTA. Instead, we minted a new Jeep Morse Font, refined to match the exact dimensions of the dots and lines of the Jeep logo. Then we broadcast cryptic Jeep Morse Code signals across in-mall mupis, POS, and magazines. With a simple online search, people were led to our microsite where they could play with our font by translating messages and creating their own Morse Code signals. They also downloaded our newly created font for personal use. The messages served as the call of adventure for people to disconnect, go off-grid, and exhale. Adding to the essence of discovery, our vehicles were hidden in our ads, so people had to search for them. Results: The Jeep community spontaneously started communicating in Morse Code, we started receiving Morse Code comments on our social posts, and our campaign was picked up by major industry blogs and magazines across the world.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Publicis Middle East / Dubai

Client / Brand

Stellantis Middle East & Africa

Media Distribution Company

Starcom Middle East / Dubai

Chief Creative Officer

Rafael Augusto

Chief Marketing Officer

Melhem Najm

Creative Director

Anton Marais
Mohamed Bareche

Executive Creative Director

Tuki Ghiassi

Account Director

Ray Sam

Associate Creative Director

Diego Wortmann
Erick Monero

Senior Art Director

Paulo Ottaviani

Account Manager

Marine Melhem

Brand Marketing

Lyda Camargo

Business Lead

Jean Traboulsi

Head of Marcom – Jeep Middle East

Cristina Guida La Licata

Junior Art Director

Ehab Salman
Randy Balbon

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