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2023 One Show - Experiential & Immersive

We Are Mello

Agency GUT / São Paulo + m ss ng p eces / Los Angeles + Dirty Work / São Paulo + Hefty / São Paulo

Client The Coca-Cola Company / Coca-Cola


Events / Virtual

Annual ID


About the Work

One groundbreaking experience that had never been done before on Twitch allowed thousands of people around the world to control DJ Marshmello himself. The audience could choose his actions, moves, and decisions on a 100% live real-life adventure to launch his new collaboration with Coca-Cola. It was like playing video games, but much cooler. During the 60-minute gaming experience, Loserfruit and other notable streamers around the globe engaged fans to solve a series of missions by typing in the chat for the streamer to give the command for Marshmello. Each mission was inspired by the most famous games like GTA, FIFA, Fortnite, etc., so people could find Easter eggs throughout the adventure. The game was broadcast simultaneously in multiple languages by streamers around the world, including the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and the UK, among others. The livestream attracted more than 600,000 viewers around the globe. The mission was accomplished when the streamers and their audience recovered Marshmello's stolen mix - the new flavor of Coca-Cola. As a reward, the participants got the chance to try it first.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




GUT / São Paulo

Production Company

m ss ng p eces / Los Angeles
Dirty Work / Sao Paulo

Music / Sound Production Company

Hefty / São Paulo

Art Director

Vitor Chagas

Chief Creative Officer

Joaquin Cubria

Creative Director

Julia Mota
Lucas Adam

Executive Creative Director

Bruno Brux
Murilo Melo

Executive Producer

Ito Andery

Associate Creative Director

Pedro Galdi

Project Manager

Isabella Quaglio

Strategy Director

César Villas Boas
Juliana Nobre

Chief strategy Officer

Fernando Ribeiro

Client Approval

Brandan Strickland
Guillermo Giménez y Brotons
Joana Richards
Joshua Schwarber
Oana Vlad
Pratik Thakar
Valeria Herzer
Yugo Motta
Elsa Casadevall

Content Strategy

Carla Held
Deyse Albiach
Marcos Vinícius
Paula Baião
Vinícius Oliveira

Global Lead for Coca-Cola Company

Sabrina Santos

Group Account Director

Maíra Bandeira

Head of Account

Alessandra Visintainer

Head of Content

Patricia Moura

Head of International Production

Eugenia Carbajales

Head of strategy

Amanda Agostini

Interactive Director

Jason Zada

Manager Account

Camila Arima
Isadora Guz

Managing director

Valéria Barone

Managing Partners

Ari Kuschnir
Brian Latt
Kate Oppenheim

Production Manager

Thaís Schroder

Sr. Producer

Lorenzo Prati

Strategy Supervisor

Isabela Katayama

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