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2023 One Show - Experiential & Immersive

Petra Milk

Agency BETC HAVAS / São Paulo + Grupo Petropolis / São Paulo

Client Grupo Petropolis


Physical Products

Annual ID


About the Work

Every World Cup fans drink beer the whole day and big brands spend millions to be that beer. Small local beer brands like Petra are always trying to sneak in this party. But in 2022 things got even harder. In 2022, FIFA World Cup Qatar games started at 7am, and in Brazil beer ads are forbidden in the morning. We couldn't talk about beer, so we created Petra Milk. The milk that is almost a beer. Made with our own barley, beer scent and authentic beer longnecks. A limited edition available individually or in a special six pack. 3 Petra Milk bottles for the morning games and 3 Petra Beer bottles for the afternoon games. Right after we ran our ads in the morning, our milk became a hit. From breakfast to cake on TV shows. Then Qatar banned alcohol. We sent hundreds of Petra Milk bottles to Brazilians in Qatar. And everyone got in the play. Petra became the only barley accepted around stadiums.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




BETC HAVAS / São Paulo

Client / Brand

Grupo Petropolis / São Paulo

Production Company

Merci Studios / São Paulo

Music / Sound Production Company

Alma 1111 Audio / São Paulo

Chief Creative Officer

Erh Ray

Executive Producer

Juliana Arantes


Augusto Poles
Danielle Bibas
Douglas Silva
Flavia Sancho
Giullia Faria
Nathalia Cajueiro
Priscila da Fonseca
Rodrigo Nogueira

Brand & Business Team

Daniel Carneiro
Nathalia Moral

Business VP

Andre Gomes


Marcos Lacerda

Channels & Engagement Team

Carol Esposito
Matheus Anjos
Andre Goes


Andre Gama

Content Director

Daniela Lima

Content Team

Jeniffer Landi
Fernanda Conceicao
Carlos Gouveia

Creative VP

Marcelo Bruzzesi


Will Passini


Fabiano Caldeira

Film director

Luigi Dias

Music Direction

Diego Raso

Music Executive Director

Carla Brauninger

Music Production

Diego Raso
Jo Borges

Strategy Team

Gabriela Sanchez
Luiza Lopes

Strategy VP

Agatha Kim

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