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2023 One Show - Film & Video

Power Your Holidays Film

Agency Orchard / Brooklyn

Client Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.


Online-only Films & Video / 31-60 Seconds - Single

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About the Work

Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce has been a staple at holiday meals for almost a century, but it was well overdue for a reboot. Half of millennials were unfamiliar with the product. It was imperative that we reminded people of cranberry’s crucial place on the table–but how to lay claim to the holidays, when the holidays have changed so drastically? Families had been battered by two canceled holiday seasons in a row. Millennials were taking over hosting duties and starting their own new traditions. In this cultural landscape, we had to get wild. And then there’s the product. It’s hard to explain the legacy or charm of this lurid, quivering jelly to the uninitiated. So we decided not to explain it all. Rather than trying to make the jelly feel nostalgic or wholesome or even “delicious”, we took its weirdest intrinsic qualities and amplified them. The story setting dramatized all the worst, anxiety-provoking parts of the holiday. Tense boredom, the clock ticking, a tablescape of relentlessly beige food slicked with grease. No one wants to be there. Suddenly, a door swings open and the jelly arrives, an undulating alien on a platter, commanding the family to surrender to the jiggle. We launched this film across OLV, streaming and social to first get in front of our millennial target, and then amplified the placement with three World Series buys to reach an even broader group of people. Instead of offering our audience a typical glitter-bombed version of Holiday Magic, we gave them something far more powerful: a collective cranberry catharsis. Our film put Ocean Spray in the hearts and minds of millions during the holiday season - and positioned the brand as a catalyst to power your holidays. And thanks to our campaign, cranberry jelly became culturally vital once again.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



Orchard / Brooklyn

Art Director

Dohyun Lee

Chief Creative Officer

David Kolbusz

Creative Director

Heather Larimer

Executive Creative Director

Jimm Lasser

Chief Executive Officer

Barney Robinson

Senior Copywriter

Christine Taffe

account director

Hayley Howell

Chief strategy Officer

Laura Janness

Creative Strategist

Raman Mama

Head Of Production

Jenn Pennington

Head of strategy

Sarah Garman

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