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2023 One Show - Film & Video

Blind Taste Test

Agency Liquid Death + Hey Wonderful

Client Liquid Death


Online-only Films & Video / Over 60 Seconds - Single

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About the Work

To kick off the summer, Liquid Death put its new flavors head-to-head in blind taste tests, against the most expensive, premium liquids on planet Earth. The flavors are made with interesting twists — Severed Lime and Mango Chainsaw both contain hints of orange, and Berry It Alive is a mix of passionfruit and black cherry. Taste testers sampled various luxurious liquids including Beluga Caviar ($580), Imported Squid Ink ($58), Liquified Wagyu Cheeseburger ($51) and Lobster Bearnaise Sauce ($40/serving). In the end, 17 out of 17 participants picked Liquid Death over the alternative. Starting June 8th, Liquid Death posted the challenge on its social channels — it’s the No. 5 most followed beverage brand in the world with more followers than Coke and Pepsi. The flavors are naturally sweetened with agave, created to bridge the gap between bland 0 cal, 0 carb, 0 sugar sparkling water and unhealthy soft drinks. Flavors can be purchased on Amazon and in-store at 7Eleven, Albertson Safeway, Target, Sprouts, Publix and Stater Bros. As part of the #DeathToPlastic initiative, Liquid Death donates a portion of proceeds to charitable causes and nonprofits that are providing safe drinking water to communities around the world where it is not immediately available and cleaning up plastic garbage out of the ocean.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3



Client / Brand

Liquid Death

Production Company

Hey Wonderful


Sam Cadman

Director of Photography

David Morrison


Tyler Beasley


Angela Jones


Mike Cessario

Director of Visual Propaganda

Alex Lang

Liquid Death Executive Producer

Johnny Eastlund

Senior Brand Campaign Manager

Tia Sherwood

Senior Nihilist

Brendan Kelly

VP of Creative

Andy Pearson

VP of Marketing

Greg Fass

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