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2023 One Show - Film & Video

Don't Have To Live Like This

Agency Quality Meats / Chicago + Work Editorial / LA + BMP Film Co. / Chicago + Golden LA

Client March Fourth


Low Budget

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About the Work

In early September, we were approached by March Fourth, an organization of concerned moms that formed after the Highland Park 4th of July shooting, to help mobilize people for a march at the US capital to encourage the Senate to pass the S. 736 Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Their previous march had encouraged the House of Representatives to pass H.R. 1808, the first movement on a federal assault weapons ban in decades. This march was in less than three weeks , and they only had $10,000. In nine days, we conceived, produced and launched ā€œIā€™m Not Gonna March,ā€ a PSA that brought to life the absurdity of the terrifying reality that Americans are forced to live with on a daily basis as a result of the inaction of our elected officials. Released a week before the 9/22 march, the PSA was widely shared organically across social media and covered by international press outlets including Forbes and Upworthy. The march in DC was a major success, with appearances from survivors of Uvalde, Parkland and other mass shooting communities, and led to productive bipartisan discussions among senators. It also united other anti-gun violence organizations to rally together, for the first time ever, as one voice. So when it came time for the 2022 midterm elections, we adapted the PSA to encourage people to vote instead of march, and added 25 other anti-gun violence organizations as co-sponsors. And post-election, we adapted it yet again to encourage people to urge their senators to vote for S.736 before it expires on 12/31. Together, the three versions organically garnered nearly 2MM views across social media and impressions that were 10-fold, shared by people like Katie Couric, Mary Trump, Elizabeth Banks, Billy Baldwin, Mark Hamill and many, many more influential voices. Our country has since been haunted by too many mass shootings to even count. And while we now have a new Congress, the assault weapons ban now has more congressional support than ever before.

2023 Awards

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Quality Meats / Chicago
Zambezi / LA

Production Company

BMP Film Co. / Chicago
Golden LA

Post Production Company

Work Editorial / LA
Carbon VFX
Fiddle Leaf Sound

Chief Creative Officer

Brian Siedband
Gordy Sang

Director of Photography

Pat Shahabian
Jon Hamblin


Martin Leroy

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