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2023 One Show - Fusion Pencil

See My Skin

Agency Edelman / New York + Mindshare / New York

Client Vaseline


Fusion Pencil

Annual ID


About the Work

Systemic racism and deep-rooted healthcare inequities in the U.S. lead to misdiagnosis and untreated conditions. This can be attributed to the lack of imagery available of conditions on Black and Brown skin. Research published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that less than 6% of image-based search results show skin conditions on people of color. And when Black and Hispanic people don’t feel seen in search, they’re less likely to be seen by a dermatologist – leading to 25% higher mortality rates for life-threatening conditions like skin cancer. As a brand that exists to give everybody healthy skin, Vaseline® needed to double down on its purpose. We committed to raising awareness of the racially biased systems that impact algorithmic search, providing proper representation and access to equal care, and most of all, helping these communities be seen. 

See My Skin is the only database designed to search conditions on skin of color. We aggregated thousands of images of hundreds of conditions on Black and Brown skin, building the world’s most diverse medical image library. Each image was independently evaluated for accuracy and relevance by a board of certified dermatologists. Alongside VisualDx, software that enhances diagnostic accuracy in skin of color, we enabled people of color to see only themselves in search – for the first time ever. With HUED, a platform that connects patients with culturally competent providers, we referred them to dermatologists who would understand their skin. Then, we galvanized our community to build the database by uploading an image of their skin conditions. Together, we broke down barriers to equitable care and did what search engines and the industry have failed to do: address the long-standing bias and exclusion of people of color in skin care.  

2023 Awards

Total Points: 90

Fusion Pencil



Edelman / New York

Post Production Company

Big Sync LTD / Stamford
Carousel / KYLE NYC / Long Beach
Girl Culture Films / Marina Del Rey
Sonic Union / New York

Media Distribution Company

Mindshare / New York
UStudio / Englewood Cliffs


Morgan Peterson

Executive Creative Director

Matt Zavala
Megan Skelly

Associate Creative Director

Cassandra Shuber
Daniela Marino
Schuyler Higgins
Shareina Chandler
Sonja Johnson

Associate Producer

Samantha Waite

Global Chief Creative Officer

Judy John

Senior Designer

Justin Hong

AE Brand Purpose

Tiffany Hammond

AE, Corporate Reputation

Kristen Carter

AS, Multicultural

Francheska Taveras

AS, Purpose

Shannon Trudge

AS, Tech Strategist

Mira Kim

Associate Director, Performance Intelligence

Matt Ballek

Brand Director, US Skincare

Kevin Tolson

Brand Manager, Vaseline

Cecily Pirozzoli

Director, PR & Digital Engagement

Casey DePalma

EVP, Group Executive Producer

Ari Pomerantz

EVP, Group Head of Development & Tech

Chris Broomall

EVP, Integrated Brand

Keren Kazam

Global Chief Experience Officer

Taj Reid

Global Creative Director, Unilever

Andrew Simon

Head of U.S. Digital

Pam Scheideler

Manager, PR & Digital Engagement

Brianna Wright

Managing Director, Head of New York Earned Media

Lisa Kovitz

Managing Director, Purpose

Jaclyn Murphy

Media Executive, Health

Clauda Brito

Production Business Manager

Ben Reignier

Research Director, DXI

John Morris

SAE, Integrated Brand

Mariam Somorin

SAE, Quality Assurance Specialist

Mia Gross

SAE, Technical Producer

Maggie Chaquette

SAS, Integrated Brand

Elizabeth Consul
Korinne Leonardis
Penelope Ramirez

Senior Account Supervisor, Digital

Liza Padellaro

Senior Associate, Performance Intelligence

Christian Mcilwain

Senior Manager, U.S. Marketing

Melody Skipper


Byron Clear
Gina LoPinto
Jared Sichel

Senior Project Manager

Adam Zogas
Sarah Brooks

Senior UX / UI Designer

Diane Park


HUED, Inc. / Mahopac
VisualDx / Rochester

SVP, Corporate Affairs & Advisory Services

Ryan Zimmerman

SVP, Digital

James Hill

SVP, DxI Brand Portfolio

Cassi Husain


Lauren Gray

SVP, Experience Strategy

Helena Öhman

SVP, Integrated Brand

Sharelyn Devonish

SVP, U.S. External Affairs

Kelsey Rohwer

U.S. Brand Chair

Smita Reddy

U.S. Chief Creative Officer

Jordan Atlas

U.S. Chief Strategy Officer

Melle Hock

VP, Corporate Reputation

Tiffany Telemaque

VP, Design Director

Camille Marlow

VP, Digital

Livia Dayan

VP, Director of Connections Planning

Michael Byrnes

VP, Executive Producer

Denise Sante

VP, Integrated Brand

Ashlie White

VP, Multicultural

Samya France

VP, Multicultural Strategist

Kate Endeley

VP, Program Director

Ted Ou-Yang

VP, Purpose

Abisola Adekoya

VP, Tech Strategist

Mike Civetti

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