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2023 One Show - Gaming

Clash from the Past

Agency Wieden+Kennedy / Portland + Supercell / San Francisco + Spark & Riot / New York

Client Supercell / Clash of Clans


Community Building

Annual ID


About the Work

Released in 2012, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. But for our 10th Anniversary, we wanted the global community of Clash fans to feel like the game they loved was as iconic a gaming franchise as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and the other video games that have shaped our culture and lives. So, instead of celebrating our 10th Anniversary, we celebrated a fake 40th Anniversary, pulling fans into an alternate universe where Clash had existed since 1982. It all started with an entirely made-up 20-minute documentary. We scripted and story-boarded 40 years of history. We invented 3 fake founders, and followed them on an emotional roller coaster of fame, fortune, and calamity. To make it all as authentic as possible, we shot on 5 different era-specific cameras. We created commercials for fake products, fake interviews for fake morning shows, and even scenes from a fake movie. At the heart of it were 3 era-specific games—which we actually made for real. An 80s arcade platformer. A 90s racer. And, following the arc of our narrative, an intentionally disastrous and entirely unplayable 2000s open world RPG. The 80s/90s games were reformatted for the Clash app and released to our 300 million daily players. On social, we deepened the story by staging a Reddit AMA with a fake founder from our documentary. We made an IMDB page and turned our social pages into trips down memory lane releasing fake commercials from our past. We partnered with Champion, Topps, and General Mills (an actual cereal available to purchase in-stores). Wherever our fans looked for more of our story, they found it. The campaign was the #1 Video Trending on Youtube when it launched and garnered the highest fan sentiment in the brand’s history.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



Wieden+Kennedy / Portland

Client / Brand

Supercell / San Francisco

Production Company

Spark & Riot / New York

Creative Director

Darcie Burrell
Lawrence Melilli


Nalle Sjöblad

Director of Photography

Mikael Gustafsson

Executive Creative Director

Ana Balarin
Hermeti Balarin
John Petty

Executive Producer

Ricara Stokes
Ana De Diego


Olivia Campbell

Business Affairs Manager

Chelsea Appleby
Kevin Moyer
Kristian Evanculla
Tristan Martin

Design Director

Mike Weihs

Associate Media Director

Mary Eliason

Brand Creative Lead

Michael Gurman

Brand Director

Kimmy Cunningham

Brand Executive

Demetrius Wallace

Brand manager

Spencer Crain

Brand Marketing

Sean Cornejo


Erica Nikolaidis
James Yu
Lisa Kadous

Creative Operations Manager

Jaymie Steck
Valentina Savarese

Design Producer

Scott Meisse
Victoria Tengblad-Kreft

Group Brand Director

Danny Sullivan

Group Media Director

Stephanie Ehui

Group Strategy Director

Indiane Matine

Management supervisor

Jane Han

Managing director

Jess Monsey

Marketing Art Director

Eric Reimer

Marketing Coordinator

Rachael Slocum

Media Supervisor

Jarod Diaz

Motion Lead

Adam Sirkin

Motion Producer

Cameron Blake


Alex Har
Danny Hernandez


Denise Hanggi
Ellen Osborn
Kristin Holder


Amy Ellars
Frazer Goodbody
Greg Radich

Studio Production Specialist

Ken Berg
Liliya Dru
Matt Blum
Vicki Liu

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