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2023 One Show - Health & Wellness

The Donated Commercial

Agency DonerNorth / Toronto + Canada’s Organ and Tissue Donation Community / Ottawa + Berkeley Inc. / Toronto

Client Canada’s Organ and Tissue Donation Community


Radio & Audio

Annual ID


About the Work

Over 100,000 Canadians are waiting for organs. And despite over 90% of Canadians saying they supported organ donation, only 32% were registered as organ donors. We needed to move more Canadians from caring about organ donation, to signing up to be a donor. So rather than tell Canadians about the difference donating your organs can make, we decided to show them. To demonstrate the benefits of organ donation, we created a radio spot made entirely from donated parts. We transcribed hundreds of old commercials, selecting the right phrases to build a clear and captivating message. Our simple message reinforced how used parts can come together to create new life —just like organ donation. We set The Donated Commercial loose on the airwaves during National Organ and Tissue Donation Week. And it worked. The spot saw an 87.5% increase in the average Spotify clickthrough rate with a 95% completion rate. In the end, 79% of people registered to give their organs a second life, leading to hundreds of potential lives saved.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9



DonerNorth / Toronto

Client / Brand

Canada’s Organ and Tissue Donation Community / Ottawa

Music / Sound Production Company

Berkeley Inc. / Toronto

Art Director

Justin Turco

Chief Creative Officer

Lance Martin

Creative Director

Jill Mack
Justin Turco

Executive Creative Director

Adam Thur
Rica Eckersley


Jonathan Lajoie

Account Supervisor

Leigh McParland

Associate Creative Director

Lynn Sparrow

Account Coordinator

Kimberly Barton

Audio Editor

Doug Groves
Jonathan Lajoie

Media Director

Samantha Marion


Catherine Marcolin

Senior Vice President, Integrated Production

Jennifer Dark

Vice President, Group Account Director

Olivia Damiani

Vice President, Group Media Director

Cherie Raymond

Vice President, Production Services

Julie Riley


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