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2023 One Show - Health & Wellness

Sole Music

Agency ‿ and us / Dubai + BlackBox / Dubai

Client Anghami


Craft / Use of Technology

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About the Work

Music is a powerful force that has the ability to transform, entertain, and inspire. But while the hearing can make music portable via headphones for the last 44 years, the deaf community have not had the same luxury. Music has not been for everyone yet!

5% of the world’s population(1 in every 20 people) who have disabling hearing loss can’t hear music, they can feel it. In fact, many deaf people today enjoy experiencing music with their other senses, e.g. feeling speaker vibrations through their hands, feet and bodies.

To address this issue, Anghami – one of the world's leading music streaming platforms with 80 million monthly active users, presents Sole Music.

Sole Music is headphones for your feet. It’s the first haptic in sole with integrated technology that fits inside any shoe and empowers the deaf community to experience music anywhere. Designed to fit into any shoe, Sole Music wirelessly pairs to your mobile via Bluetooth and connects to your favorite music streaming platform. A built-in transducer transforms the music sound waves into tactile polyphonic vibration, allowing the deaf to feel every note of the music through the soles of their feet, wherever they are.

This represents a fundamental sea change to deaf community’s relationship with music – technology that empowers them to have the kind of personal, casual relationship that the hearing community has been enjoying decades

Sole music offers an entirely new way of experiencing music, and the vibration technology provides an immersive experience that reflects the sound wave patterns of each music genre, be it Dance, Classical, Jazz, or Rock. The response to this innovation has been overwhelming, with many people in the deaf community describing it as a game-changer.

Sole Music is intended to democratize music and empower the hearing impaired to have the same casual relationship with music that hearing enabled people take for granted.

2023 Awards

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‿ and us / Dubai

Design Firm

No One / Dubai

Digital Agency

Jack The Maker / Lisbon

Production Company

BlackBox / Dubai

Post Production Company

Zanad / Cairo

Chief Creative Officer

Fadi Yaish

Executive Creative Director

Diogo Borges
Jamie Kennaway
Steve De Lange


Nadim Khoury

Associate Creative Director

Mohamed El Nagdy

Head of Production

Serra Chehade

Senior Designer

Mohamed Abou Khatwa

Brand Director

Lama Halimeh

Head of commercial

Ramy Al-Kadhi

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