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2023 One Show - Interactive & Mobile Craft

The Black Elevation Map

Agency Performance Art / Toronto

Client Black & Abroad


Creative Use of Data

Annual ID


About the Work

WAYFINDING THROUGH BIAS “Maps are not ideologically neutral location guides. Mapmakers choose what to include and exclude, and how to display information to users. These decisions can have far-reaching consequences.”* When marginalized communities navigate the world, they are asked to do so using tools that prioritize someone else’s worldview. With its new map, Black & Abroad has created a way to see and navigate the United States in a way that centers both Black users and the country’s Blackness. In this way, The Black Elevation Map is transparent and purposeful about its bias. BLACK & ABROAD AT HOME Black & Abroad is among the world’s most prominent niche-audience travel brands. Known for its international trips to Latin America, Europe and Africa – and its provocative “Go Back To Africa” campaign – global shifts in the travel industry created an opportunity to focus on domestic travel. With Black-owned businesses disproportionately affected by the pandemic (McKinsey), and the brand’s audience at the center of a retraumatizing conversation about systemic racism, we also saw an opportunity to provide uplifting ways for travellers to interact directly with America’s vast network of Black-owned businesses and cultural organizations. INSIGHT When marginalized communities navigate the world, they’re asked to do so using tools that prioritize someone else’s worldview. Change the tools, and you could change the experience. THE BLACK ELEVATION MAP An uplifting domestic travel utility for Black & Abroad that visualizes Black cultural data as elevation. The greater the density of data, the higher the elevation. See the heights of The Culture at DATA VISUALIZATION At the center, a visualization of +330,000,000 points of data, which through exploration reveals insights about population distribution, and where Black-owned businesses and cultural institutions are likely to be present, absent, and in what abundance. INDUSTRY IMPACT This project continues the brand’s leadership in connecting sophisticated cultural ideas with sophisticated technological execution. It raises questions about how data biases construct the world around us. How careful use of data can help, rather than harm the world. And it shows the value of placing a brand’s work within a historical continuum. *“How Black cartographers put racism on the map of America” – Alderman & Inwood.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



Performance Art / Toronto
Initiative Media / Toronto

Design Firm

Vocal Type Co. / Washington D.C.

Digital Agency

Kinesso / New York
Reprise Canada / Toronto


Eric Martin
Kent Johnson

Client / Brand

Black & Abroad / Atlanta

Production Company

Alfredo Films / Toronto

Music / Sound Production Company

TA2 Sound + Music / Toronto

Post Production Company

Alter Ego / Toronto

Chief Creative Officer

Ian Mackenzie


Emily Plewes

Director of Photography

Shivam Pandya

Executive Creative Director

Colin Craig

Account Director

Jon Rae

Account Supervisor

Ricky Gunawan

Associate Creative Director

Benson Ngo
Pedro Izzo

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Cook

Program Manager

Kaylen Dillon

Agency Partner

Meta / New York

Analytics Analyst

Abdul Dau

Analytics Manager

Anil Iqbal


Elizabeth Sellors


Gigi Basanta

Digital Producer

Darwin Garcia

Experience Delivery Lead:

Nzegwhua Anderson

Experience Designer

Leon Mullings

Full Stack Developer

Cody Schreiber

Group Director, Product Developer

Arnaud Icard

Interface Developer

Heung Lee

Junior Analyst

Shaista Meghji

Lead Developer

John Iacoviello


Glossy Inc. / Toronto

Quality Assurance Analyst

Nataliya Vislyanska

Quality Assurance Lead

Natalia Zadorozhna

Senior Experience Designer

Joe Szabo

Senior Technical Architect

Valerian Nasqidashvili

Solutions Consultant

Kaivalya Kashyap

SVP, Head of Strategy

Priyanka Goswami

SVP, Managing Director

Jordan Dinning

Technical Solutions Consultant

Suraj Patel

VP, Strategy

Kirk Linkletter

VP, Technology

Stuart Cheesmond

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