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2023 One Show - Interactive & Mobile Craft

Something to Offend Everyone

Agency MullenLowe U.S. + Brooklyn Film Festival

Client Brooklyn Film Festival



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Background: Unlike other major film festivals, the Brooklyn Film Festival prides itself on never censoring filmmakers, allowing them to express themselves in any way they see fit. Every year they strive to showcase a diverse range of narratives, sensibilities, and arguments that explore every aspect of human reality from different points of view. Insight: The fear of offending someone in today’s politically correct climate can lead to self-censorship, making it impossible to have open and honest conversations. If we’re not open to listening to and understanding what other people have to say, we’ll never be able to learn from each other and grow as individuals. Challenge: To ensure that our message wasn’t immediately tuned out by a public that’s increasingly reluctant to being challenged, we needed to find a way to encourage people to seek out provocative points of view in an inclusive and inviting way Idea: We created a campaign that found a fun and ironic way to invite people to keep an open mind and consider thoughts, ideas, and nuances that don’t align with their own by using humor to make fun of the very people who never do. Our out-of-home campaign portrayed a series of annoyed characters expressing their anger at being offended in unexpected ways, and a :30 promo led people to, an interactive training course inspired by the stereotypical human resources videos we’re all required to watch every year. Our course aimed to teach prospective festival audience members how to share what they were about to see with the rest of the world without offending anyone. Unfortunately, as in real life, every scenario led to someone being offended, no matter which answer was chosen. Results: The campaign increased online search for the Brooklyn Film Festival by 32%, which led to an unprecedented lift in attendance. Ticket sales grew by 26% compared with 2021, its most attended year. Most importantly, film submissions for the 2023 festival have seen a new high; in just three months, submissions for the 2023 BFF increased by more than 40%.

2023 Awards

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MullenLowe U.S.
MullenLowe NY

Client / Brand

Brooklyn Film Festival

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Randy Krallman


Ben Suenaga

Executive Creative Director

Ricard Valero

Group Creative Director

Rich Singer
Zack Menna

Design Director

Marcio Doti

Project Manager

Olivia Scala

Associate Creative Director - Copy

Alice Burton

BFF Director of Development

Susan Mackell

BFF Executive Director

Marco Ursino

BFF Production Manager

Alessandra Cronin

Brand Strategist

Hunter Kelly


Lee Newman


Company 3

Director of development

Susan Mackell

Group Account Director

Greg Masiakos

Head of Brand & Communications

Lu Borges

Head Of Design

Joao Paz

Head of strategy

Jonny Gadd

Illustration Company

FOREAL / Trier

Junior Art Director

Ayanna Wallace

Junior Copywriter

Christinna Oree

Managing director

Rebekah Pagis

Music Supervision


Production Manager

Alessandra Cronin


Jacob Vogt

SVP, Executive Director of Integrated Production

Lisa Setten

VP Associate Director, Business Affairs

Maria Rougvie
Vanessa Fazio

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