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2023 One Show - Integrated

Violet Month

Agency Wunderman Thompson / São Paulo + Avon / São Paulo + SQUAD + Rebolución / São Paulo

Client Avon


Integrated Campaign

Annual ID


About the Work

Avon is an activist beauty brand that does more than selling beauty products. The brand promotes inclusion and diversity and talks about beauty linked with health. In all Avon’s campaigns, the brand cast LGBTQ+, people of color, disabled people and other social minorities as main characters and also in the production team to empower them like no other brands does. During the entire year, Avon bring up important health subjects, but the brand notice that in none of these dates the transgender community is included. Their health has always been invisible. Avon saw the opportunity to change this. When was the last time you saw a transgender person in a health awareness month campaign? Probably you’ve never saw it, right? All over the world, the two main health months, Pink October and Blue November, talks only with cis women and men. But in Brazil is even worse. Why? Because making trans health invisible is almost a government program. 89% of trans people can't afford healthcare. 62% use hormones on their own. 47% developed depression. Abandoned by society and government, 90% turn to prostitution. Brazil is the country that kills the most trans people in the world for 13 years in a row. In less than four years, Bolsonaro’s government excludes several guidelines for trans health. He puts this subject under the new “Ministry of Family”, which minister said during the inauguration “it’s a new era in Brazil, boys wear blue e girls wear pink”. This is the context where Brazilian trans people survive and try to take care of their own health. Pink October talks only with cisgender women about breast cancer. Blue November (Movember) talks only with cis men about prostate cancer prevention. Trans people has been invisible in all these health conversations. If Pink and Blue didn’t bring trans health up, Avon dared to open an unprecedent space for them. This is the Violet Month, an entirely new month between 15th of Pink October and 15th of Blue November to talk trans health with reliable information and support of specialist doctors. The first and perfect month to answer all the invisible questions transgender people always had.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Wunderman Thompson / São Paulo

Client / Brand

Avon / São Paulo

Production Company

Rebolución / São Paulo

Music / Sound Production Company



Nathalia Reiter

Chief Creative Officer

Keka Morelle


Asaph Luccas

Director of Photography

Bel Lafer
Milena Seta

Executive Producer

Carol Pimentel
Ciro Cesar

Motion Designer

Diego Britto

Account management

Gabriel Fiorelli
Fabiana Gimenez
Natalia Vasconcelos

assistant director

Any Mendi
Bartolomeu Oliveira

Assistant Executive Producer

Sarah Moura

assistant producer

Marjorie Burjato

Client Approval

Viviane Pepe
Aline Viana
Fernanda Conceicao
Lucas Fajardo

Color Grading

Acauan Pastore

Composition / Interpreter

Eduardo Nascimento


Grazielle Gervasio
Tatiana Amaranti


Stella Pirani

Director of Strategy/Planning

Juliana Meirelles

Executive Business Director

Fernanda Ricci

Executive Director

Dario Forghieri

Head Of Production

Maisa Delgado
Michel Gubeissi


Carolina Bertelli
Gabriella Varela


Carolina Bertão
Camilla Andrade
Priscila Sousa
Renata Saito
Thais Anízio

Musical Director

Zi Namur

Post production coordinator

Rafael Hernandes


Ana Mousinho
Hellen Araujo
Larissa Oseas
Mariana Rayol
Suellen Ciriaco

PR Director

Vivian Zeni

Social, Content & Influence Director

Mariana Hasselman

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