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2023 One Show - Integrated

A.I. Ketchup

Agency Rethink + Kraft Heinz + Middle Child / Toronto + Zeno Group / Toronto

Client Kraft Heinz


Craft / Use of Technology

Annual ID


About the Work

Heinz Ketchup is a cultural icon - it’s not just a ketchup, it is the ketchup. But its status as an establishment brand meant it was in danger of losing relevance with younger audiences. We were challenged to keep a 153-year-old brand fresh in the cultural conversation.

This summer, text-to-image AI generators took the Internet by storm. People were creating weird and wild images from written prompts like “Napoleon riding a Harley Davidson”, or “R2D2 getting baptized.” We saw an opportunity to participate in an exciting cultural conversation while proving to a new, younger audience of tech and art fans that Heinz is the definitive ketchup.

We turned to DALL-E 2, the most advanced Al image generator - so advanced that it wasn’t even available to the general public yet - and asked it what "ketchup" looked like. The result? Even to Al, ketchup looks like Heinz. And as the prompts got weirder, from "Renaissance Ketchup Bottle" to "Ketchup Tarot Card", the Al still generated results that looked like Heinz.

On social, we asked people to push the experiment further with suggestions for new ketchup-based image prompts. We took these suggestions and turned them into the first-ever campaign with visuals generated entirely by AI.

We then produced a run of special edition Heinz bottles replacing the label with our Heinz AI images, and even created an art gallery in the metaverse where people flocked to view all the Heinz AI images.

Originally launched in Canada and the US, our campaign quickly went global, generating over 850M earned impressions around the world (worth over 2500% more than our media investment). We received coverage in leading trade, art, tech, and lifestyle media outlets like Fast Company, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, and Forbes. On social, we saw an engagement rate 38% higher than past campaigns, and even other brands like Ducati and Sportsnet chimed in with AI Ketchup image mashup requests.

In the end we proved our point: Heinz is ketchup. And this time, even the machines agreed.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3





PR / Marketing Agency

Middle Child / Toronto
Zeno Group / Toronto

Client / Brand

Kraft Heinz

Music / Sound Production Company


Media Agency


Art Director

Zachary Bautista

Chief Creative Officer

Aaron Starkman
Mike Dubrick

Creative Director

Xavier Blais
Zachary Bautista


Emma Laberge

Account Director

David Greisman
Catherine Blouin-Mainville

Associate Creative Director

Geoff Baillie

Account Manager

Ashlynn Labinaz

Broadcast Producer

Alex Butt

Digital Producer

Sheldon Sam

Group Account Director

Jamie Sutherland

Head of Brand Communications

Megan Lang

Interactive Designer

Alex Fleming

Post Supervisor

Megan O'Connor
Shannon Ing
Emma Rozenblum

Print producer

Aj Merrick

Proof reader

Marie-Hélène Lessard

Studio Artist

Cadu Rocha

Studio Director

Brad Kumar

Video VFX

Dustin Gamble
Jean-Nicolas Duval

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