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2023 One Show - Interactive, Online & Mobile

Dot Go


Client Dot Incorporation


Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality (AR, VR, MR)

Annual ID


About the Work

For blind and visually impaired people, it’s challenging to enter unfamiliar environments. Objection detection apps can identify objects but fail when it comes to interacting with them in a meaningful way. Dot Go is the first object interaction app, which means that it not only detects objects in the environment but also connects them to actions. These actions could be internal actions like sounds and vibration, external actions in other apps, websites, and even smart home devices. For example: A bus stop sign could trigger open the public transportation app to buy the right ticket. Following the simple material conditional logic used in programming — “if x then y” — Dot Go allows users to create on a simple principle: Any object can be connected to any action. Dot Go combines open-source computer vision models with simple automation (system shortcuts and deeplinks). While allowing people to assign actions to objects, the app acts as an accessibility toolkit. Since there are many levels to visual impairment, the app was designed with options to customize as per one’s needs; be it low-vision, light sensitivity, or color-blindness. Instead of fixed use cases, anyone can create presets for specific objects, locations, and needs. Nobody has to start from scratch, as they can download existing presets from a growing library curated by users, institutions, and brands. Dot Go empowers the visually impaired community to engage with their environment and experience it in their own way. After a promising launch of the first beta version of Dot in 2021, Dot Go received funding from the Inter-Developmental American Bank (IDB) and Born2Global as a part of the LAC Deep Tech Exchange Program, to increase app functionality. As a result, a long-term partnership with Wheel The World was established to make tourism in Latin America accessible. Following months of development and accessibility audits, the public version of Dot Go was launched in early 2022. Available for free download from the App Store, Dot Go is being used daily by thousands of visually impaired users, businesses, brands, and organizations.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 21




Production Company

Albert Coon / Munich
Paulus Co., Ltd. / Seoul

Music / Sound Production Company

DamianDamian / Hamburg

Chief Creative Officer

Alex Schill

Creative Technologist

Niklas May
Pavel Larionov


Yohan Jang

Director of Photography

Euiseon Chang
Heiko Steudten

Executive Creative Director

Franz Röppischer
Lorenz Langgartner

Executive Producer

Dahoon Chung

Motion Designer

Alex Belenkiy


Minkyu Park


Inês Ayer

Quality Assurance

Karolina Woźnicka

Assistant Camera 1st

Jiwoong Yang

Assistant Camera 2nd

Junhui Seo

assistant director

Hee-jae Yang
Hyuk Lim

Broadcast Operator

Christian Felder


Jae Seong Joo


Eric Ju Yoon Kim
Kyungsin Kim

Chief Creative Officer Germany

Matthias Harbeck


Florian Beijers
Jung in Park
Mouna Nifter
Saliya Kahawatte

Creative Director Video / Director & Motion Designer

Dennis Fritz

Creative Intern

Anastasiia Cherniavska
Aušrinė Kurgonaitė
Camille Nizet
Changkyu Ku
Lorenzo Colnaghi
Mirjam Olga Strzata
Raquel Vega
Reinier Wortman
Sanjeeta Saha
Tanvi Phalak
Thinh Nguyen
Yago Guimaraes

Creative Intern/Art Director

Yamen Ibrahim

Creative Lead

Saurabh Kakade

Creative Producer

Imad El Rayess


Ki Kwang Sung

Deep Learning Engineer

Alexander Soroka

Digital Development Studio

Hyperinteractive / Hamburg

Director of Social Impact

Ahrum Choi

DoP und Motion Designer

Kevin Lausen

Editor & Motion Designer

Hendrik Sommerfeld

Editor / Cameraman

Johannes Maierbacher

Full Stack Mobile Developer

Alexander Patuk


Kwang Jun Jeong

Global Head of Art

Michael Wilk

Innovation Director

Dieter Pries

iOS Engineer

Andrii Narinian
Ying Quan Tan

Motion Designer / CGI Technician

Lennert Schrader

Project Assistant

Yehyeon Chung
Young eun Yeo


Jongchae Sohn

Sound Assistant

Sado Choi


Anton Hofer

Worldwide Executive Creative Director

Jason Romeyko


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