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2023 One Show - IP & Product Design

Shared Safety

Agency Hoban Construction / Seoul + Pluxity / Seoul + Paulus Co., Ltd. / Seoul + Hidden Figures / Seoul

Client Hoban Construction + Pluxity


Integrated Digital & Physical Product / In-Market

Annual ID


About the Work

According to ILO, a quarter of a billion people work in the global construction industry. A significant percentage are migrant construction workers. Even as clear communication is essential to worker safety in the changeable environment of a construction site, millions of migrant workers around the world have no choice but to communicate in an unfamiliar language on a daily basis. Existing platforms require language competence and tech literacy, excluding migrant workers by design. As a result, they remain at a far greater risk of injury and death than their local peers. Pluxity, a South Korea tech startup, decided to leverage its bespoke digital twin technology by partnering up with Hoban Construction, one of South Korea's largest construction companies to create a new platform for construction management. The result of the collaboration is Shared Safety. Shared Safety empowers all workers to participate in on-site communication regardless of language barrier or tech literacy. The platform transforms site information into animated pictogram alerts for workers wearing smartbands. Shared Safety automatically adapts information to the requirements of each user group, enabling everyone to view the most up-to-date information in real-time. The open-source promise of Shared Safety gives it the potential to make work safer not just for migrant workers but for all 220 million people working in construction worldwide. Shared Safety automatically adapts site information to the requirements of each user group. From top-level planners to on-site construction workers, everyone is able to view the most up-to-date information in real-time. The service flow of Shared Safety involves 4 processes that are active at all times. Prediction: Powerful AI modeling system provides accurate projections based on site data collected in real-time. Planning: The project planners use projections to effectively plan and distribute resources in the safest way possible. Feed: On-site managers monitor the digital twin's updates and verify scheduling information during their safety rounds. When a potential hazard or schedule clash is identified, managers immediately issue alerts to workers in danger. Feedback: Workers at risk due to on-site hazards receive and respond to pictogram alerts in real-time on their smartbands. These smartbands are off-the-shelf smart watches that are reprogrammed and integrated into the Shared Safety platform, enabling them to receive alerts anywhere on the construction site. By allowing everyone on-site to view the same information in real-time, Shared Safety makes construction sites safer and more inclusive.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Paulus Co., Ltd. / Seoul

Design Firm

Hidden Figures / Seoul


Jaemin Yoon
Seunghwan Baik
Seungseok Back
Shinpyung Kang
Hankyung Won
Kap Moon

Client / Brand

Hoban Construction / Seoul
Pluxity / Seoul

Creative Director

Saffaan Qadir


Yohan Jang

Director of Photography

Euiseon Chang


Jiyoung Lim

Executive Producer

Dahoon Chung

Motion Designer

Euiyoung Song
Jiyoon Kim


Minkyu Park

Sound Designer

Jongchae Sohn

3D VFX Designer

JeongHeon Lee

assistant director

Heejae Yang
Hyuk Lim

B Cam Operator

Jiwoon Yang
Junhui Seo


Thomas Hongtack Kim

Creative Producer

Kyungsin Kim

Director of UX Concept

Youngmin Ju

Lighting Team

Gaeun Kim
Sado Choi

Service Designer

Kyungil Chung

UX Concept Design Team

Hidden Figures Inc.

Web & Graphics Designer

Yeahee Choi


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