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2023 One Show - Moving Image Craft & Production

Broken Ones

Agency Directors Guild Helsinki + Tommi Laiho / Helsinki + Folk Finland / Helsinki

Client Tommi Laiho


Trailers & Teasers

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About the Work

Award winning Finnish author Tommi Laiho released his latest crime novel Broken Ones in October 2022. The release was followed by a thrilling trailer for marketing purposes. Trailer was released online, in cinemas accompanied by similar genre films and was supported by comprehensive PR. Major newpapers released the trailer on their sites together with an article about the novel way to promote book. The story in the film is inspired by novel but not taken from the book. It sticks strictly into the world of novel by using two characters from the book in leading roles. The mood and the psychological aspects of both the novel and short film are similar and for one who likes the other it’s on the cards to like the other one too. Broken Ones is shocking, surprising, and even distressing film. It’s also age restricted for 16 years and older. But when knowing the context, the film reveals itself as a novel way to market a novel. It aims to work just as film trailers work for films: make audience want to experience the whole story. Leading character of novel's crime plot is a killer whose father has raised him since a little boy to become a murderer, just like the father is. Killer in the book did not choose to be one, it was all put in him as a legacy. Broken Ones book is published by a Finnish publisher Myllylahti. Selling figures for novels in Finland are not too big. That’s mainly because of limited marketing which again is because of limited budgets. Sales figures for well selling book in Finland is around 5000 copies, which limits the marketing solutions. This kind of a cinematic “inspired by” -trailering for book have never been done before, at least in Finland.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9



Folk Finland / Helsinki

Client / Brand

Tommi Laiho / Helsinki

Production Company

Directors Guild Helsinki

Post Production Company

Grade One / Helsinki
James Post / Helsinki

Art Director

Kimmo Kivilahti


Juri Seppä


Pete Riski

Executive Producer

Juha-Matti Nieminen

Sound Designer

Akseli Soini

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