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2023 One Show - Moving Image Craft & Production

Mexico Manda

Agency GUT / Mexico City + PRIMO / Mexico + AB InBev / Mexico

Client Corona


Cinematography / Single

Annual ID


About the Work

In Mexico there is a word that is used every day by most mexicans to respond to someone’s call: MANDE. The most literal translation would be “Command Me”. This word emerged during the conquest of Mexico in the year 1500, when the Spanish conquerors forced the indigenous people to respond with this word as a form of submission and respect to them. After more than 500 years, “Mande” is still being heard all the time everywhere, as a habit. And although it may not seem like it, words have power, and “Mande” makes mexicans feel weak. But Mexico doesn’t have to say “Mande” to anyone. Mexico is a country full of people who have shown the world what they can do. Mexico is conquering the world.

That’s why we realized that, if we change a letter, we can change history. MANDE, no. MANDO.
From “Command me” to “I rule”.
It only changes the “e” for the “o” but that changes the meaning of everything.

This is a message from Corona, the first Mexican that conquered the world, to awaken the conqueror spirits of 130 million Mexicans.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




GUT / Mexico City

Client / Brand

AB InBev / Mexico

Production Company

PRIMO / Mexico

Art Director

Roberto Rosas

Chief Creative Officer

Ignacio Ferioli


Farhad Ghaderi


Alejo Hoijman

Executive Producer

Odille Mondragon

Agency Producer

Paula Sánchez

Associate Creative Director

Diego López Oliva
Diego Rojas

Strategy Director

Jessica Mendez

Brand Communications Director

Mariana Cuellar

Brand Digital Manager

Alfonso Borel

Brand Director

Yune Aranguren

Chief strategy Officer

Samantha Hernandez

Content Manager

Ross Aguiñaga

Digital Editor

Enrique Del Corral

Experience Strategist

Hugo Fabián Zapata


Anselmo Ramos
Gastón Bigio

General Creative Director

Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen

Junior Art Director

Alejandra Jiménez

Junior Copywriter

María José López

Managing director

Camila Prado
Jaime Vidal

post production

Daniela Balcazar

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