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2023 One Show - Music & Sound Craft

Figure of speeches

Agency Marcel / Paris + POSTER / Paris + Prodigious / Paris + Iconoclast / Paris

Client Spotify


Use of Licensed Music

Annual ID


About the Work

Spotify France wanted to give a new light to its brand platform “Écouter, ça change tout” – Listening changes everything – showing the importance of listening with a capital L in people's lives. The film tells the story of a man who’s listening to a rap song on Spotify before going to work. Though, strangely, he doesn’t look like a rap fan at all. His behavior puzzles his relatives and those he meets on his way. Until we discover that actually the man is a high school French teacher. And that he was listening to the lyrics to get his students interested in figures of speech. Note for the jury: a figure of speech is a creative use of language to generate an effect. Some figures of speech, like metaphor, simile, metonymy… are found in everyday language, writing, political speeches and of course in music. The learning of figures of speech is part of the official school program in France. Media plan: TV + VOL

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Marcel / Paris

Client / Brand

Spotify / Paris

Production Company

Iconoclast / PARIS

Post Production Company

POSTER / Paris
Prodigious / PARIS

Art Director

Théophile Robaglia


Joseph Rozier

Chief Creative Officer

Gaëtan du Peloux
Youri Guerassimov

Creative Director

Clément Sechet


Vincent Lobelle


Philippe Roch

Associate Director

Thomas Bacharzyna

Project Manager

Emma Durand

account director

Lucile Wissocq

Account Manager

Léa Reix


Charles Georges-Picot
Pascal Nessim


Marco Graziapiana

General Manager

Antoine Monin


Vincent Amor

Head of sound production

Boris Nicou

Head of Strategic Planning

Leoda Esteve

Music art directors

Grégoire Bucaille
Maxime Rouge

Music Creative Director

Christophe Caurret

Senior Marketing Manager

Marie Ybert

Sound Production

Emmanuel Desmadryl
Remy Dorne

Strategic planner

Ruben Hassan

TV Prod

Aurélien Lemesle

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