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2023 One Show - Music & Sound Craft


Agency Barking Owl / Los Angeles

Client Meta


Sound Design

Annual ID


About the Work

This story covers a lot of ground in a short time. From a sound point of view it was really important to establish a very real physical world, and then move it around, breaking up the viewer's sense of space to convey the material world merging with the virtual. We focussed on sounds evocative of passing through thresholds, accentuating camera swoops and spins with filter sweeps and the sounds of bicycle gears. To get the right grit and texture of the gravel racing, we recorded cyclists on dirt roads in the mountains. To convey the feel of 2022 East Africa, we combed through days of footage and cut in snippets of peoples’ voices, cars, insects, and roosters. Everything was mixed with an ear for keeping the soundtrack coherent and cinematic, a story of converging worlds and breaking barriers.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Droga5 / New York

Production Company

Blue Sky Films
Love Song / Los Angeles
Monkey Films

Music / Sound Production Company

Barking Owl / Los Angeles

Post Production Company

Company 3 / Santa Monica
Marsheen / London
The Mill / London


Diego Garcia
Shawn Peters

Creative Director

Kelly Bayett
Ted Meyer

Executive Creative Director

Dan Williams

Music Supervisor

Sunny Kapoor

Sound Designer

Gus Koven

Senior Art Director

Ben Muckensturm


Bee Diamonhead

1st AD

Alejandro Ramia

Additional AD

Kristina Ilyna

assistant editor

Matthew Blacklock


Simon Bourne

Creative Director & 2nd Lead

Carl Norton

Directors Assistant

Ellen Nielsen
Ja'Lisa Arnold
Louis McCourt
Phillip Miller


Thom Glover

Finish Artist

David Wishart
Gavin Marler

Founder/Managing Partner

Kelly Bayett

Head Of Production

Philip Killingbeck


Tarun Misra

Owner/Executive Producer

Clare van Zyl

Production Designer

Andrew Clark

Senior Music Supervisor

Mike Ladman


Scotty Schuckies

Sr. Color Producer

Chris Anthony

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