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2023 One Show - Music & Sound Craft


Agency DENTSU INC. / Tokyo + BASSDRUM Inc. / Tokyo + y'sconnection / Tokyo + P.I.C.S. Co., Ltd. / Tokyo



Innovation & Transformation / Innovation in Music & Sound Craft

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About the Work

There are many people in the world who have not be players due to their disabilities or other reasons. But just like the typewriter was invented by a blind friend‘s perspective, those who could not be players due to disabilities or other reasons are a force for leading new ideas and the world’s innovation. Our challenge is to shift the social stereotype that disability leads to give up to be a player, by utilizing a technology and creativity. Due to our mission, we launched a platform for developing new expression tools with people who have disabilities – ALL PLAYERS TOOL LAB. As first project, we worked with two ALS artists to develop a music instrument that utilizes the possibilities of gaze input. *ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) - an incurable disease that gradually reduces muscle strength and inability to move of one’s own volition. For people living with ALS and other conditions that cause paralysis of the limbs, operating computer applications using eye gaze is a primary tool for creative activities. However, such tools require gazing for a few seconds instead of clicking, and require eye movement to operate detailed buttons that are designed for normal people to operate with a mouse, making it difficult to use them in a setting that requires real-time performance, such as a live music performance. Therefore, together with ALS musicians MASA and PONE, we developed a tool that enables live performance with the line of sight. They also actually performed in Cannes, Istanbul, and Budapest. ■Results ・A total of 2,280 audiences experienced the world's first live performance and a music by eye gaze input ・Featured in over 60+ medias worldwide ・Received a co-development request from three countries ・Next project in underway: a drawing tool development by utilizing a brain wave

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Dentsu Inc. / Tokyo

Client / Brand

NTT / Tokyo

Production Company

BASSDRUM Inc. / Tokyo
P.I.C.S. Co., Ltd. / Tokyo
invisi Ltd. / Tokyo
coton / Tokyo
WOW inc. / Tokyo
WOO inc / Tokyo
CUBE. Inc. / Tokyo
Ableton KK / Tokyo
Life hack / Tokyo

Music / Sound Production Company

y'sconnection / Tokyo


momonga / Berlin


Tina Toda



Creative Director

Naoki Tanaka


Jiro Watanabe

Music Supervisor

Hiroyuki Nasu


Tsuyoshi Otabe


Juyoung Yun

Technical Director

Yuto Kumon
Shunki Hasegawa
Junichi Akagawa

Agency In-House Production

Dentsu Creative Cube Inc. / Tokyo

Art Producer

Yoshie Kris

Project Manager/Music Director

Yoichiro Hatakeyama

Stage Director

Worry Kinoshita

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