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2023 One Show - Pharma

The Outside In Experiment

Agency Area 23, an IPG Health Company / New York + Ritmika Audio Arts / São Paulo + Horizon Therapeutics / Deerfield

Client Horizon Therapeutics


Craft / Art Direction

Annual ID


About the Work

Gout is an extremely painful disease, but many people don’t know about the dangerous systemic consequences of uncontrolled gout when uric acid crystals build up in vital organs. With The Outside In Experiment we sought to visualize both of those realities together for the first time using Artificial Intelligence. Each of the 5 films begins with a person in pain on the outside of their body, goes deeper to reveal vulnerable inner organs and systems, and finally exposes the true culprit – microscopic uric acid crystals being deposited throughout the body. Getting the AI notebook to deliver organs, crystals, and a diverse range of patient ethnicities and ages was a painstaking process. Crafting prompts required exacting discipline, creativity, medical comprehension, and knowledge of both art history and contemporary artists. Every 1000 frames of film utilized specific inputs for camera movement and transition, requiring mathematical equations that deliver zooms, waves, pans, and more. A patient who described the pain as hornets inside their hand was brought to life through the dark and ominous nature of oil painting, with thick brushstrokes and natural colors. Pain that feels like fire was depicted through traditional anatomical illustration, juxtaposing the vivid burning with a clinical drawing style. High-contrast black-and-white depicted the piercing pain of barbed wire and thorns on flesh. The hyper-maximalist style of saturated color and detail illustrated the internal damage during and beyond a flare. And 3D futuristic illustration was used to convey the vividness of electric shocks. Original 3D designed soundtracks were carefully crafted to deliver maximum emotional impact for the viewer, recalling gout’s insidious nature, from the outside in. While the AI delivered the output, the input was a painstaking and entirely human process, blending the worlds of medicine, pharmaceutical advertising, fine art, and mathematics.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



Area 23, an IPG Health Company / New York


Julie Hernandez
Michael Nagro

Client / Brand

Horizon Therapeutics / Deerfield

Music / Sound Production Company

Ritmika Audio Arts / São Paulo


Ben Birdie

Chief Creative Officer

Tim Hawkey

Executive Creative Director

Jason Graff
Franklin Williams

Group Creative Director

David Adler
Renata Maia

Sound Designer

Henrique Tanji

Account management

Amy Spence
Lacey Henry

Dolby Atmos Mix

Beto Neves


Bill Hanff

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