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2023 One Show - Pharma

Gout Revisited

Agency Area 23, an IPG Health Company / New York + Horizon Therapeutics / Chicago + NORTE / São Paulo + CANJA Audio Culture / São Francisco

Client Horizon Therapeutics


Craft / Art Direction

Annual ID


About the Work

There are many misconceptions and stereotypes about gout in the medical community that have a negative impact on diagnosis and treatment. Many of these biases can be traced back to cartoons and illustrations of gout that were popularized in the 19th century. These images are iconic to rheumatologists, appearing in medical textbooks, journals, and peer-to-peer presentations. The misconceptions they portray touch on race, gender, social status, stigma, and disease presentation.

The Gout Revisited Project aims to expose these biases of the past and change them for the future. To do so, we sourced historical illustrations of the themes most emblematic of gout biases that we still see today. Then, we painstakingly recreated them by hand to correct the inaccuracies.

With each illustration, great care was taken to maintain the integrity of the original artwork. Deference was paid to composition. Brush strokes and styles were precisely replicated. Careful attention was paid to duplicating the feel and texture of the old paper as we updated the etchings using digital tools from this century. All of this came together to illuminate our simple mission to remove the myths and replace them with the truth.

The images were then placed into a printed anthology that wove together the history of gout biases, the modern consequences with supporting clinical data, and the updated illustrations. The sociopolitical history of the 19th century and its role in the modern perception of gout were examined as an entry point into the conversation, then the myths were individually addressed and debunked using modern knowledge. The images were also featured in a poster series, in a film, and on a bespoke website.

By correcting gout’s harmful historical record, rheumatologists can reflect on their own biases and bring a reformed clinical and personal mindset to their practices.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



Area 23, an IPG Health Company / New York


Keli Walbert

Client / Brand


Production Company

Norte / São Paulo

Music / Sound Production Company

CANJA Audio Culture / São Francisco

Chief Creative Officer

Tim Hawkey

Creative Director

Steve Hennisch
Dan Cohen

Executive Creative Director

Jason Graff

Group Creative Director

Eduardo Tavares
David Adler

Product Manager

Julie Gumerova
Justine Pujo

User Experience Designer

Evan Spring

Business Affairs Manager

Keith Marman

Digital Production Developer

Viraj R

Director (Experience Design)

Franklin Williams

Director (Technology)

Richard Tolenaar

Technology Manager

Jenny Lai

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