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2023 One Show - Pharma

The Unwearable Collection

Agency Area 23, an IPG Health Company / New York + Boehringer Ingelheim / Ridgefield + Dalmatian Cow / Los Angeles + Ritmika Audio Arts / São Paulo

Client Boehringer Ingelheim


Craft / Art Direction

Annual ID


About the Work

Generalized pustular psoriasis (GPP) is a rare skin condition and one of the few that can be life-threatening. GPP flares occur rapidly and unpredictably, causing pustules (open wounds) to erupt all over a patient’s body. The full extent of GPP is vastly misunderstood by dermatologists, who sometimes mistake it for more common forms of psoriasis. People with GPP report gruesome and heartbreaking stories about how the disease affects them not just physically, but in every aspect of their lives. But so far, words alone have not been enough. To convey the uniquely harrowing nature of this disease, we needed something that couldn’t be forgotten. Boehringer Ingelheim partnered with internationally renowned fashion designer Bart Hess to create The Unwearable CollectionTM, a clothing line inspired by real patients’ experiences with GPP. Bart Hess translated the painful words of real patients living with GPP into 4 uncomfortable outfits using unconventional materials. To convey the pain of isolation, he used shards of broken plexiglass and mirrors, representing social isolation and shattered identity. For the life-threatening nature of the disease, he bolted together hundreds of knives and over 2000 razor blades to resemble a deadly snake suffocating the wearer. To represent the intensity of a flare, he twisted and melted red charred foil, reflecting a sudden outburst overtaking the body. And for the physical pain, he cut over 10,000 razor sharp pieces of paper. The Unwearable CollectionTM debuted at the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting, the  world’s biggest dermatology convention. But this was no typical booth. Resembling an art gallery, it proudly displayed Bart’s creations. Videos telling the full journey of The Unwearable CollectionTM were included inside the booth.   A look book included a stunning photo editorial of the collection and behind the scenes content, which was sent to leaders in the dermatology and the fashion industries.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 21



Area 23, an IPG Health Company / New York

Design Firm

Fuze / Curitiba

Client / Brand

Boehringer Ingelheim / Ridgefield

Production Company

Dalmatian Cow / Los Angeles

Music / Sound Production Company

Ritmika Audio Arts / São Paulo

Post Production Company

Volken Film / São Paulo
Produceria / miami

Art Director

Roxy Dalton


Spencer Kolbert

Chief Creative Officer

Tim Hawkey


Bart Hess

Director of Photography

Andre Magri
Daniel Mendes

Executive Creative Director

Marcus Kawamura

Group Creative Director

Renata Maia
David Traini


Jânio Santos

Music Supervisor

Henrique Tanji


Juliana Rocha

Broadcast Producer

Ian Smith

Copy Supervisor

Leslie Peterson

EVP, Group Management Director

Claudine Wolf

Group Art Supervisor

Annette Palmar
Paula Almeida

Photography Studio

Juliana Rocha / São Paulo

SVP, Group Director, Broadcast Production

Chinkara Singh

SVP, Group Management Director

Anna Pepe

VP, Associate Director

Victor Afonso

VP, Director, Print Production

Frank Laport

VP, Executive Art Producer

Nancy Rodriguez

VP, Management Director

Julia Tychansky

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