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2023 One Show - Public Relations

Anne de Gaulle

Agency Havas Paris / Puteaux + Fondation Anne de Gaulle / Paris

Client Fondation Anne de Gaulle


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Charles de Gaulle and his wife Yvonne set up the Fondation Anne de Gaulle in 1945 in honor of their daughter Anne, who was born with Down syndrome. Despite providing residential care and support for people with neurodevelopmental conditions for more than 75 years, the Foundation suffered from a lack of public awareness. Our challenge was to redress the situation and give the Foundation and its worthy social cause the attention it deserves. We did this by shining a spotlight on the lineage and worldwide renown of General de Gaulle through one of the most enduring and international embodiments of this prominent figure in French history: Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. How? By temporarily renaming it Paris-Anne De Gaulle Airport. An unprecedented and engaging visual immersion We crafted an extensive indoor and outdoor rebranding to provide an unprecedented and engaging visual immersion for passengers into an entirely revamped airport: each DOOH, each flight information display board, each Airport TV screen, each baggage reclaim area display screen, as well as the road signs around the airport, all showed the name “Paris-Anne de Gaulle”. A large-scale operation aimed at raising awareness of the experiences and needs of people with disabilities and of the importance for everyone to support the full realization of all human rights and fundamental freedoms. A rewarding experience revolving around sharing The operation provided the opportunity for the Foundation to fulfill one of its most important missions: knowledge sharing. Prior to the event, the Foundation provided training in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for Paris Airport ground staff responsible for the care of passengers to educate them on the wide-ranging needs of people who come through the airport. On launch day on December 3, 2022, we also launched “DuoDay+1” (a national initiative aimed at dispelling misconceptions by inviting people with disabilities to spend a day with an employee). Trios were formed (one Paris Airport staff member, one resident from the Foundation and one Foundation carer). The result? A mutually rewarding experience for the trios and an enhanced passenger experience.

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Havas Paris / Puteaux

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Fondation Anne de Gaulle / Paris

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