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2023 One Show - Public Relations

The Friendly Break Up Collection

Agency Wunderman Thompson / Lima + Fontenla / BUENOS AIRES

Client Fontenla


Innovation & Transformation / Innovation in Public Relations

Annual ID


About the Work

The Friendly Break Up Collection is a new home furnishing line that breaks up when you do. The collection includes furniture conceived as a unit but that can be divided into two, maintaining the initial aesthetics and utility; thus, facilitating the division of material goods. It is a simple but innovative idea that allows you to start over and move with a part of the original piece of furniture, but at the same time looks complete and can still be enjoyed. The Friendly Breakup Collection is an innovation that adapts to increasing rates of divorce and flat sharing among young people. This new modular range of furniture splits in two, encouraging friendlier s belongings splitting between couples and even friends. To create The Friendly Breakup Collection, we had to change the way we approach design projects, for the first time in FC we design a whole collection that adapts not to spaces but to people’s lifestyles. We faced a dual challenge in the process because each piece of furnishing not only had to look spectacular, but they also had to be functional. The objective was to conceived furniture items as a unit but that can be divided into two, maintaining its own personality individually. We needed to design something interesting that worked as a standalone piece and didn’t look like it had been cut in half. FC Home & Deco, is the largest home furniture producer in Latin America and for over 75 years has address the needs in the Argentinian market. Furniture industry is stag and have never address cultural dynamics and problems around people, like new family formats and needs. Why have no one ever done it? probably because a piece of furniture is always conceived as a unit. The main design challenge for this new collection was to create furniture pieces that can be divided and still work well separate, maintain the highly aesthetics and functionalities. For FC Home & Deco was a challenge to be one step ahead in the category, how to be brave enough but cultural relevant, where every single brand talks about price and product characteristics. This was the road to achieve the commercial goals and build

2023 Awards

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Wunderman Thompson / Lima

Client / Brand


Production Company



Militza Quispe

Chief Creative Officer

Bruno Reggiardo

Creative Director

Diego Figueroa

Global Chief Creative Officer

Daniel Bonner

Global Executive Creative Director

Daniel Minaker
Sebastian Tarazaga


Federico Fontenla
Fernando Fontenla
Paul Thorndike
Roberto Fontenla

Global Chief Creative Office

Bas Korsten

Head Of Content LATAM

Augusto Landauro

Head of strategy

Victor Garzón

Managing director

Carlos Bernal

VP Creative

José Aburto


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