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2023 One Show - Print & Promotional

The Five Great Mountains of China

Agency Centre Design / Zhongshan

Client Caobu Public Library


Craft / Typography

Annual ID


About the Work

The Five Great Mountains of China Posters are made for Caobu Public Library. They convey a message of discovering with knowledge: read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. The five great mountains of China attracts many tourists from home and abroad. When the world is affected by Covid-19, people can't travel around like before. However, you can still see the world by going to the library and reading books. The posters show the Chinese names of the five great mountains of China, yet present the unique geomorphic characteristics and beauties of them. The well-known unique characteristics of the five great mountains are: 1. Mount Tai (泰)is like sitting in the east of China. It’s famous for its stability. The Chinese character "Tai" (泰) is formed into a triangle shape, it represents the stability of the mountain is like sitting. 2. Mount Heng (衡)is like flying in the south of China. The shape of the mountain looks like a flying big bird that is formed by its 72 peaks. 3. Mount Hua(华) is like a standing man in the west of China. It’s to describe the steep cliff of the mountain which looks dangerous. 4. Mount Heng(恒) is like walking in the north of China. The limestone on the surface of the mountain forms a horizontal texture . 5. Mount Song (嵩)is like lying in the centre of China, where the Shaolin tempo is located. The surface of the mountain shows a vertical texture. Mountain forms the type and the type shows the mountain.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 21


Design Firm

Centre Design / ZHONGSHAN

Art Director

Zhuopeng Ou


Jiandu Chen

Creative Director

Zhuopeng Ou


Jingyi Huang

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