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2023 One Show - Print & Promotional

Non artificial Mexico

Agency We Believers / New York + Pickle Music / New York + America Filmworks / Bross al cuadrado + Da Ocho

Client Burger King


Magazine / Series

Annual ID


About the Work

More than two years ago, Burger King began an ambitious process to deliver products free of artificial ingredients, becoming the first major QSR to achieve a “Clean” menu. A gargantuan task affecting most business aspects, including the review, calibration and discovery of the right suppliers and allies for the brand to have a fundamental shift in their food offering. We were task with making this clean menu culturally relevant in Mexico. Meanwhile in Mexico, advertising is known for showcasing an unrealistic view of everyday life in the 5th largest city in the world. Most local brands, in their casting, locations and even music, show an unattainable and unfamiliar world, time and time again. In fact, 49% of Mexicans say they don't feel identified with advertising in Mexico. To showcase the ambition and effects of Burger King’s clean menu undertaking, we decided to capture the true soul of the Mexican consumer on the streets of Mexico City, while savoring Burger King products. Street photography is based on capturing ordinary people, those you may never see in a magazine and never see on television. Just ordinary folks doing everyday things. And that was what we needed for this Burger King campaign -- “Spontaneity.” We hired a team of professional street-style photographers to tour the real Mexico for two months, capturing our consumers in a 0% artificial way like the new menu, now without artificial ingredients. Why? Because it is precisely what you will never see in Mexican advertising. This initiative evolved to something bigger than an advertising campaign. It became a museum exhibition where Mexicans could appreciate a photographic artistic portrayed of their everyday lives, of course with a BK product always present.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9



We Believers / New York

Production Company

America Filmworks / Bross al cuadrado

Music / Sound Production Company

Pickle Music / New York

Post Production Company

Da Ocho

Art Director

Jon Kubik


Jared Elms

Chief Creative Officer

Gustavo Lauria


Marcelo Paez

Director of Photography

Carlos Alvarez

Executive Creative Director

Patricio Elfi

Account Director

Nallely Recinas

Account Executive

Caterina Malpica

Head of Production

Marcia Jaes

Brand Innovation Director PLK

Guillermo Hermosillo Cue

Color Correction

Jorge Russo

Communications Analyst

Amanda Varela

Communications Manager

Miguel Ángel Amezquita

Creative Coordinator

Rocio Fernandez Sasso

Director of Operations

Natalia Gamarra

Editor offline

Alejo Santos

Head of Client Services

Jose Quijano

Head of Marketing LAC

Brian Kleiman

Head of Planning

Marco Vega

Marketing Director Mexico

Oscar Alcantara

Original Music/ Composers

Alexis Estiz
Dario Calequi

Senior Brand Marketing Director

Iwo Zakowski

Senior Communications Manager LAC

Barbara Regis

Vice President Brand Marketing PLK

Alexandre Antonello

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