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2023 One Show - Print & Promotional

The Unstainable Thobe

Agency Wunderman Thompson / Dubai

Client Heinz ketchup


Physical Products & Apparel

Annual ID


About the Work

THE UNSTAINABLE THOBE We created a thobe that invites Arabs to eat fearlessly For centuries, white thobes have been the image of the Arab world. We turned this iconic piece of clothing into an unstainable outfit that gives men the freedom to enjoy their favorite dishes with all the Heinz they want and zero worries. In a region where showing deep local understanding is key to relevance and preference, global brands like Heinz are constantly challenged to be closer to the Arab people and culture. Heinz connected to the region's pride in a relevant way by tapping into a key tension during food consumption: For a community that is brave under so many circumstances, being afraid of ketchup didn't make any sense. The 'Unstainable Thobe' campaign takes on the challenge of solving the dilemma of how to keep your thobe impeccably white and enjoy food fearlessly. Heinz worked with local tailors, designers, and textile makers to create this innovative material. A work that took almost a year. The Unstainable Thobe uses nanotechnology to form a protective coating that adheres to the garment’s yarn and thread, even before becoming a fabric. That way, the thobe retains its natural feel and breathability—crucial due to the region’s extremely-hot weather. The coating creates a barrier that keeps liquids on the surface of the clothing, and stains can be removed with just a splash of water. In addition, with millions of 40-nanometres-wide silicone nanofilaments, the thobe can be washed numerous times and still maintain its impermeability. The campaign features online, print, and OOH communication with the message “Eat Fearlessly” as a call to action for the audience. Heinz also enlisted Saudi influencers who created content inspired by Arab culture, trying out the thobe and promoting it among their followers. The campaign brought big results to Heinz: + 9MM total reach; +2MM earned media; +61% positive social sentiment increase; The Unstainable Thobe was SOLD OUT in a matter of hours.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Wunderman Thompson / Dubai

Chief Creative Officer

Bas Korsten
Chafic Haddad
Daniel Bonner

Creative Director

Tiago Bastos


Avinash Kumar

Executive Creative Director

Pablo Dachefsky

Executive Producer

Aly Seif El Nasr

Motion Designer

Aashim Kadayikkal

Associate Creative Director

Marcelo Zylberberg

Chief Executive Officer

Faysal Abdul Malak

Senior Art Director

Jericho Dizon

Audio Production

Stella Violla

Business Director

Irmak Aktas

Head of strategy

Mona Hassanie

Senior Account Manager

Natalie Michel

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