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2023 One Show - Radio & Audio


Agency Prime Weber Shandwick / Stockholm + Visit Sweden / Stockholm

Client Visit Sweden


Innovation & Transformation / Innovation in Radio & Audio

Annual ID


About the Work

How do you promote a destination where there’s nothing to see? Travel is a visually driven category, defined by sight-seeing and Instagram moments. In comparison to Norwegian fjords, Icelandic volcanoes and other epic nature destinations, Sweden’s nature is quite… boring. To attract today’s seen-it-all travelers, who crave something unique, we needed to find a way to cut through the visual overload. There is more to experiencing a place than meets the eye. Smells. Tastes. Sounds. In fact, a tiny sound can instantly transport you elsewhere: a twig snap can turn a beautiful forest into a nightmare. Seems like, the most intriguing experiences are not based on what you see, but what you don’t. Even though non-visual senses have a profound impact on people, they are rarely used by brands in entertaining ways. This is especially strange since 56% want an escape from visual stimulation (Spotify, 2019) and 36% of daily media consumption is audio (Statista, 2020). While Swedish nature might not look exciting, there’s unseen drama hidden in the woods. It echoes stories of mythological creatures and supernatural experiences. Stories that have a cultural moment. Astrology apps. TikTok witches. Horror TV. We decided to ride on the dark wave and bring Swedish nature to life in an unexpected way, using sound to unlock a new dimension of the travel experience. We turned every rule of destination marketing upside down: from sight-seeing to sound, from Trip Advisor to Trippy, from nature to supernatural. Together with renowned horror writer John Lindqvist, we created a haunting audio-experience based on Swedish folklore – a horror-themed, folk-saga available on Spotify. By geo-locking it to the Swedish forests, we lured visitors onto an eerie journey, deep into the woods. Turns out, if you listen close enough, the boring Swedish forests are not so boring after all.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




Prime Weber Shandwick / Stockholm
Weber Shandwick / New York

Client / Brand

Visit Sweden / Stockholm

Art Director

Felix Holfve

Chief Creative Officer

Angela Mears

Chief Marketing Officer

Nils Persson

Creative Director

Hanna Belander
Petter Lublin


Marcus Svanberg

Motion Designer

Alex Zeeman


Johan Wennerström

Social Media Manager

Anna Hjerdin

Chief Executive Officer

Jennie Missuna

Global Chief Creative Officer

Tom Beckman

Project Manager

Cecilia von Beetzen
Elisabeth Avrotin
Helena Salomonson
Lisa Voltaire

Senior Designer

Kalle Mattsson

Activation Specialist

Maja Ekman

Brand manager

Robert Hedlund

Chief strategy Officer

Amanda Engström

Client Lead

Malin Severin

Digital & Content Specialist

Fredrick Lewandowski

Director Platform Strategy

Kareya Saleh

Executive Vice President Influence

Mananya Komorowski

Executive Vice President Media Relations

Meaghan Jones Koppel

Film producer

Samuel Hahn

Head of Insight

Edward Boëthius

Head of PR

Viveca Burkhardt

Head of Web/SoME

Malin Careliusen

Junior Associate Influence

Matthew Keith

Manager Media Relations

Hannah Jones

PR Coordinator

Ella Stork

PR Specialist

Daniel Wahlström
Elin Dahlstedt

Production Manager

Johan Falkman
Maja Lobas

Site Manager

Helena Lundberg

Vice President Production

Kirsten Slotten

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