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2023 One Show - Sustainable Development Goals Pencil

Vehicle of Change

Agency NORD DDB / Stockholm + Camp David / Stockholm + House Agency / Stockholm

Client Vattenfall


Sustainable Development Goals

Annual ID


About the Work

Vehicle of Change – one bike built to change how all vehicles are made.

How can we get the hugely powerful automotive industry to go fossil free? Vattenfall and CAKE are leading the way with the first truly fossil free vehicle.

We’re staring a climate emergency in the face. In 2022, a UN report argued that only systemic transformation can deliver the enormous cuts in fossil fuel emissions needed to avert the worst. Transportation accounts for a quarter of those emissions.

Leading European energy company Vattenfall is on a mission to remove fossil fuels from society. They already supply fossil free energy to consumers and businesses, and have one of Europe’s largest electric vehicle charging networks.

When they asked us to showcase their expertise in removing carbon emissions from industrial production chains, we proposed more than a campaign. We recommended partnering with Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE to produce the first truly fossil free vehicle – not just emission-free when used but emission-free when made.

The automotive industry is making progress towards electrification, with rapid growth in electric vehicle sales. But while EVs don’t emit CO2 when used, they create emissions when manufactured, assembled and transported. A lot. Emissions from making EVs can be 70% higher than petrol models.

The objective of this project isn’t just to remove emissions from the production chain of one bike, but to inspire the entire automotive industry to do the same and go truly fossil free. To meet this huge challenge, we need to create impact that reaches far beyond this project. So we’re being radically transparent in communicating the journey – open-sourcing the methodology and sharing every breakthrough and setback along the way.

The first step for Vattenfall and CAKE was to take the bike apart and do a life cycle analysis of every single component, to find its existing carbon footprint of 1,186kg CO2e. To launch the project, we took this abstract figure and dramatized it in a memorable way – a cube measuring 637 m3, filled with smoke to show the size of the bike’s emissions. We’ll show the cube shrinking as we work towards our goal of zero emissions by 2025.

Word of the project spread fast. The story was picked up by Fast Company and Sweden's leading business publication Dagens Industri. It was shared by the World Economic Forum’s Twitter account, with 4.2 million followers. And Volkswagen added to the buzz, saying “We salute this. Sharing is the key to reaching zero.”

The work is already driving real change in the industry. As a result of the publicity, 20 companies, including Polestar, are now in talks about implementing the plastic replacement material made by project partner PaperShell

Leading suspension manufacturer Öhlins, who supplies suspension to Ferrari, Lamborghini and BMW, has also joined the project, saying “We supply some of the world’s top car brands. This project is the perfect opportunity for us to future-proof our suspension."

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




NORD DDB / Stockholm

Production Company

Camp David / Stockholm
House Agency / STOCKHOLM

Chief Creative Officer

Andreas Dahlqvist


Niklas Amin

Executive Creative Director

Simon Higby

Executive Producer

Mattias Yngwe
Per Welén

Sound Designer

Martin Mighetto

Agency Producer

Linus Leander


Anders Hellström
Fanny Svensson Enbacken
Pontus Widell

Project Manager

Lisa Willborg

Brand Campaign Manager

Paul Morel

Brand manager

Andrine Nordby

Client Manager

Béatrice Geijer

Director of Brand Communications

Carolina Pozzolini

Director Project Film

Simon Gustafsson


Jakob Ihre

DOP Project Film

Stellan Runge

Founder & CEO

Stefan Ytterborn

Head of Brand & VP

Paco Liebrand

Head of Communications Industry Decarbonization

Jacques Pellis

Head of PR

Christian Lundgren

Head of Sustainability

Isabella Pehrsson

LCA Specialist

Avinash Kumar

Online Artist

Olle Lindholm

Post producer

Åsa Wennersten
Ludwig Bile

public relations

Aynur Isayeva

Senior Brand Manager

Anne-Katrin Reinecke

Senior Client Director

Jennie Körnung
Pernilla Berg

Senior Strategist

Owen Hughes

Vice President Corporate Sustainability

Annika Ramsköld

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