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2023 One Show - Social Media

OutHorse Your Email

Agency SS+K / New York + Peel / Reykjavik + M&C Saatchi TALK / London + Republik / Reykjavik

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How many emails have you gotten today? And of those emails, how many were annoying? Now imagine how much more annoying those messages would be if you were on vacation. Because now that we can work from anywhere, email follows us everywhere. In fact, 55% of people check their work email on holiday. So in spring 2022, Visit Iceland devised an incredibly innovative solution to this very stupid modern problem: OutHorse Your Email. A revolutionary service where Icelandic horses write real out-of-office email replies by walking on a giant keyboard. So travelers could relax in Iceland’s geothermal lagoons uninterrupted, knowing very professional horses were replying to their inconsiderate bosses with messages like: ‘’’’Bdqtde’d+pi And: fþbuerggæmhyrojukl.u,.,i-;’[=’’/=\[]p See? They know all the office lingo. Vacationers simply had to go to, select their favorite Icelandic horse, and get their corporate gobbledygook straight from the horses’ real hooves. The service was promoted via a launch video and social campaign. And a behind-the-scenes video showed exactly how we built a functional, horse-sized keyboard and proved that the horses were actually typing and not slacking off. OutHorse Your Email earned 3.7 billion impressions with $6.8 million in earned media and 100% positive press sentiment. Leading to a 16.8% increase in travel intent in the US. And over 21K OutHorsed emails sent. And best of all, 391K tourists flew into Iceland’s Keflavík Airport in Q2/2022—the busiest quarter since 2019. And to our knowledge, despite the horses answering their critical work emails, none of those people got fired. So job well done!

2023 Awards

Total Points: 45



SS+K / New York
Peel / Reykjavik

PR / Marketing Agency

M&C Saatchi Talk / London

Production Company

Republik / Reykjavik


Reynir Lyngdal

Director of Photography

Vidir Sigurdsson

Executive Creative Director

Stevie Archer

Account Director

Kayleigh Ross

Account Supervisor

Erica Amadio

Associate Director

Laura Jones

Project Manager

Gudlaug Jokulsdottir

Strategy Director

Elena Claro

1st Assistant Camera

Eirikur K Juliusson

Account Manager

Sam Sparks

Associate Creative Director - Art Director

Benita Antony

Associate Creative Director - Writer

Rick Morrison

Behind the Scenes Video Lead

Addi Atlondres


Jane Boardman
Petur Oskarsson

Co-Founder + Partner

Egill Thordarson
Magnus Magnusson

Co-Founder + Partner:

Lenny Stern


Elma Lisa Gunnarsdottir


Erna Gunnarsdottir

Director, Marketing Communications

Sveinn Birkir Björnsson

Director, Trade & Invest

Karl Gudmundsson

Equipment Rental


FVX & Grade

Luis Asciano


John Ingi Matta

Graphic Animation

Steinthor Jenni Sigurdsson

Hair & Makeup

Ragna Fossberg

Head of Consumer

Steve Kirk

Head of Consumer Marketing

Dadi Gudjonsson

Head of PR

Lea Gestsdottir Gayet

Head of Visit Iceland

Sigridur Dogg Gudmundsdottir

Keyboard Build

Ari Birgir Agustsson

Keyboard Technology

Hreinn Beck

Manager, Trade & Invest / “Horse Expert”

Jelena Ohm

Managing Director, Head of Client Services

Amy Frisch

Managing Director, Production + Operations

John Swartz

Managing Director, Strategy Group

Kevin Skobac


Veigar Margeirsson

Production Assistant

Hogna Jonsdottir


Jon Gabriel Lorange

Project Manager, Marketing Communications

Daníel Oddsson
Una Hildardottir

Project Manager, Social Media

Isak Kari Karason
Katarzyna Mariaa Dygul

Senior Associate Director

Lauren Hunt-Morgan

Sound Mix

Johannes B Bjarnason

Talent Agency

Modurskipid Talent Agency / Reykjavik

VO Artist

Olafur Darri Olafsson



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